What is super top up plan in health insurance? All you need to know

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Health insurance super top up

What is top-up health insurance??

Top-up health insurance refers to an additional supplement to your primary health insurance cover. These plans act as an additional buffer and protect the customer in case the claim amount exceeds the current sum insured limit. Hence, in case you believe that your existing sum insured/coverage amount is not sufficient, then a top-up health plan can come to your rescue. 

How does a health insurance top-up plan work?

Example: In case your current policy has a sum assured limit of 7.5 Lakh and you get a top-up plan of Rs. 5 Lakh. In the unfortunate event that you fall ill and get a bill of more than Rs 10 lakh, the top-up plan will come to your aid. Once your existing sum assured is exhausted then you can use your top-up plan. The additional Rs 2.5 lakh will be borne from your top-up plan. In case you feel that your existing medical policy is insufficient, then you can buy a top-up plan. It will offer additional protection in case of unforeseen emergencies. 

What are the different types of health Insurance top-up plans?

  • Top-up Plan: A top-up health insurance policy will replenish the sum insured up to a specific limit, once the initial cover gets exhausted. Under this policy, a threshold limit is applicable for every claim. Hence, multiple hospitalizations will not be covered. Also, the deductibles will have to be paid on every claim. 
  • Super Top-up Plan: While a top-up insurance policy considers a threshold limit for every claim, a super top-up policy considers multiple hospitalizations during a policy term. The deductibles will have to be paid only once during a policy term. Cumulative bills can be submitted during a policy term once it exceeds the deductibles. 

Super Top-Up Health Plans: Who Should Buy Them?

The following people should consider buying a super top-up health plan:

People who have a basic health insurance plan. If your current policy doesn't cover your entire medical expenses, it may be worth considering upgrading to a super top-up plan. You can purchase the super top-up portion of your coverage separately from your basic coverage if you already have one and don't want to cancel it altogether.

People who do not have any form of health insurance are looking for some protection against unexpected expenses in case they become ill or injured while travelling abroad or living outside their home country. This insurance gives them peace of mind because they know their healthcare needs will be covered if something happens while travelling abroad (for example). However, note that these policies usually only reimburse up to 60% of eligible expenditures—so make sure this option is still within your budget before committing!

People who want to ensure they have access to the same quality of care as residents of the country they are travelling in. Some countries have special healthcare packages for tourists and ex-pats, but these are often limited in scope or only cover emergencies.

If you're travelling for medical treatment and don't have a travel insurance policy, you may have to pay for any emergency care or treatment you receive. If your regular insurance provider doesn't cover these costs, they can add up quickly—which could mean that your trip costs much more than expected. So the people who are travelling are also people who should buy super top-up health plans.

  • Super top-up health insurance plans do not cover pre-existing diseases.
  • They do not cover chronic diseases.
  • They also do not provide coverage for hospitalization expenses, surgical procedures, diagnostics and maternity care.
  • In some cases, super top-ups do not cover mental health issues or physiotherapy either.

What are the key benefits of health insurance top up plans?

  • Protection against rising medical costs: Healthcare costs in India rise at 2 times the inflation rate. Therefore, a super top up plan is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. 
  • Higher sum insured for a lower premium: A health insurance top-up plan will help you to get coverage over and above your corporate plan at a very low additional cost.
  • Better coverage: There are generally no restrictions and sub-limits on hospitalization expenses like fees charged by the medical practitioner, room rents, doctor fees etc. You get the complete benefit of a health insurance policy.
  • Family discount: Health insurance top ups also come with a family discount in some cases. 
  • One Sum Insured: Under top-up health insurance plans, all family members are covered under the same sum insured by paying a single premium.
  • Policy period up to 2 years.
  • In case you take up the top-up plan at a young age, there will be no pre-medical screening required.
  • Tax Benefits on the insurance premium paid under section 80/D of the Income Tax Act ( up to Rs 50,000)

What is covered in a Top-up Health Insurance Plan?

As with health insurance, the coverage in a top-up health insurance will also vary for different providers. However, generally, a top-up health insurance will provide the following: 

  • Coverage for in-patient hospitalization: Room rent charges, nursing fees, doctors’ fees, Operation Theatre charges, prosthetic devices or implantation of any other equipment during surgery, blood, diagnostic procedures, among others.
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses up to 60 days before being admitted
  • Post-hospitalization expenses to be covered up to 90 days after hospitalization
  • Emergency ambulance expenses (up to a limit)
  • Some insurers also provide a cumulative bonus at the time of policy renewal

What is Not Covered by Super Top-up Health Insurance Plans?

The following are some of the standard exclusions under super top-up health insurance plans:

  • Super top-up health insurance plans do not cover pre-existing diseases.
  • They do not cover chronic diseases.
  • They also do not provide coverage for hospitalization expenses, surgical procedures, diagnostics and maternity care.
  • In some cases, super top-ups do not cover mental health issues or physiotherapy either.

How to file a Claim?

Claim filing is easy. You can do so by either filing an online or offline claim. You can also call the helpline number and ask for help with your claims if you feel it is too complex to handle on your own.

The online form will guide you through the steps of filing a claim while calling the helpline number. It will ensure that all information related to your health insurance plan is available 24/7, and they will be able to send you any paperwork immediately after speaking with them over the phone.

Top-up health insurance: when should you buy it?

  • When you want to increase the sum insured.
  • When you want to increase the coverage
  • When you want to increase the number of members covered.
  • When you want to increase the tenure of the policy. 
  • When you want to increase the number of hospitals covered
  • When you want to increase the number of doctors covered
  • When you want to get additional coverage for pre-existing diseases
  • When you want to get additional coverage for accidents and illnesses abroad


Best super top up health insurance plans: What are some health insurance companies providing Top-up options?

Health Insurance ProviderHealth Insurance Plan
Cigna Health InsuranceSuper Top-Up Policy
Niva Bupa Health InsuranceHealth Recharge
Star Health And Allied InsuranceSuper Surplus
Royal Sundaram General InsuranceLifeline

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