Your Money, Instantly Yours with Instant Withdrawals by INDstocks

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Instant Withdrawals by INDstocks

If the money is yours, then why should you have to wait to access it? It is frustrating, right? And we get it! We understand your money should be available to you instantly, without unnecessary delays. This is why our team at INDmoney has been tirelessly working behind the scenes to revolutionise the way you access your funds.

Wondering how?

Presenting - 'Instant Withdrawals' by INDstocks. No more waiting periods - just instant access to your money whenever you need it.

About Instant Withdrawals?

As we all know, withdrawals take a significant amount of time! After the day-end brokerage cycle and billing process, the final balance is calculated, and then the payout is processed. And if a withdrawal request is made during market hours, this entire process takes over 24 hours!

BUT NOW, with INDstocks' free-of-cost 'Instant Withdrawals' offering, you will get money credited to your bank account instantly after placing a withdrawal request.

This means you can say goodbye to the delayed T+1 withdrawal settlements and hello to instant T+0 settlements!

Trade Today, Withdraw Today

Quick liquidity is essential in trading. With INDstocks' 'Instant Withdrawals,' you can instantly access up to ₹1 lac from your trading wallet, even after your trade, providing you the flexibility and control over your funds whenever you need it.

Traded Today?

No worries! On 'Instant Withdrawals' by INDstocks, you will be able to withdraw from your trading wallet regardless of your trading activity for the day.

Fast Funds for Fast Trades?

Absolutely! Trading is timing, right? Opportunities can arise in a split second. So, keeping that in mind, the 'Instant Withdrawals' feature is here for you to withdraw money from your trading wallet so that you can make quicker trades and capitalise on potential profits at the perfect moment.

In Need of Emergency Funds?

Emergencies are unpredictable. You never know when you might need access to your funds. But we've got you sorted. 'Instant Withdrawals' by INDstocks has your back with a 100% withdrawal limit of up to ₹1 lac. 

Short on Time?

If your need is urgent and waiting is not an option, 'Instant Withdrawals' is meant for you. Withdrawing from your trading wallet is a simple 1-step process. Just tap to confirm, and your money will be with you faster.

How can you make an Instant Withdrawal?

  • Sign in to the INDmoney App.
  • Head to the wallet section under INDstocks.
  • Click on 'Withdraw.'
  • Enter an amount greater than ₹1 of your choice (or default 50%, 80%, or 100%).
  • Click on 'Withdraw Money.'
  • Tap to confirm your request and seal the deal!

Terms and Conditions?

  • You can place one withdrawal request a day.
  • Withdrawal requests are processed instantly only between 8 AM to 5 PM on trading days.
  • A withdrawal request, once placed and confirmed, cannot be cancelled.

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