How to Verify the Status of a LIC Policy

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How to verify the status of a LIC policy

It is essential to check the condition of the LIC insurance, even more so than at the time of purchase. However, the busy schedules of modern life make it easy to forget about paying one’s premium or to pay after the grace period has expired, leading to penalties and additional fees. You can view the status of your LIC policy on the aspects of premium due dates, bonus values, maturity, and others. Through several convenient online services, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) allows customers to complete their transactions and resolve all their problems immediately. Once offered only in-person at LIC branch locations, these e-services now provide access to many features. To see the information and status of your LIC policy without going to the branch office, follow these steps:

Methods for Registered Users to Verify the Status of Their LIC Policy

If you are an online registered user, you may check the status of your LIC policy online by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) official website.
  2. Click on the "Customer Services" tab on the homepage.
  3. Select "Policy Status" under the "Customer Services" tab.
  4. Log in using your username and password.
  5. Once logged in, view your policy details and current status. If you have multiple policies, you can add them using the 'Enroll Policy' option in the LIC's e-Services Tools section.
  6. Check your LIC policy status details by clicking on the policy number. Policy details, such as policy name, term, table number, next premium due date, sum assured, etc., will be displayed.

How to Check LIC Policy Status for New Users:

Below are the steps to check your LIC policy status online if you are not an online registered user:

  1. Register for e-services on the LIC home page.
  2. Fill out the online registration form and create LIC login credentials.
  3. Confirm registration through the provided email link.
  4. Link or enrol your policy by entering details like policy number, date of birth, premium amount, etc., and clicking submit.

Requirements for New User Registration on the LIC Web Portal:

  • Valid LIC policy in your name
  • Installment premiums without service tax
  • Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Valid mobile number for alerts
  • Active Email ID

Enrolling Your LIC Policy:

  1. After submitting the registration, click "yes" to get an online LIC policy enrollment form.
  2. Enter the necessary details for each policy.
  3. Take a printout at enrollment or later by logging in.
  4. Sign the form and submit it to the nearest LIC branch mentioned for acknowledgement.

Points to Remember:

  • Validation of policies is completed after necessary checks.
  • Enrollment is essential for authorised access to specific functionalities.
  • Policies are based on annual premium payments but can be made monthly, quarterly, or half-annually with a slight additional charge.

How to check the LIC Policy Status without registration?

You can check your LIC Policy Status details without registration through the following steps

Send an SMS to Check your LIC Policy Status:

You can avail of all the LIC policy details simply by sending an SMS to 56767877.

Enquiry TypeSMS CodeDescription
Installment PremiumASKLIC<Policy Number>PREMIUMTo Know About Installment Premium
Bonus AmountASKLIC<Policy Number> BONUSTo Know About the Bonus Amount
Revival AmountASKLIC<Policy Number>REVIVALTo Enquire About Revival Amount
Loan AvailableASKLIC<Policy Number>LOANTo Check the Amount of Loan Available
Nomination DetailsASKLIC<Policy Number>NOMTo Check the Status of Nomination Details

Check LIC Pension Policy Status via SMS:

You can check the status of your LIC Pension Policy via SMS.

Enquiry TypeSMS CodeDescription
To Know About IPP Policy StatusType ASKLIC<Policy Number>STAT and send it to 56767877IPP Policy Status is the Individual Policy Plan Status.
To Get to the Last Annuity Released DateType ASKLIC<Policy Number>ANNPD and send it to 56767877The date when the annuitant releases the payments from an annuity.
To Enquire About the Annuity AmountType ASKLIC<Policy Number>AMOUNT and send it to 56767877The annuity amount is the sum paid in series at equal intervals.
To Avail of the Cheque, Return the InformationType ASKLIC<Policy Number>CHQRET and send it to 56767877Cheque returns in case there are insufficient funds in the drawer’s account.
To Check the Existence Certificate DueType ASKLIC<Policy Number>ECDUE and send to 56767877An existence certificate is a document that certifies the existence of an individual.

How to check LIC Policy Status via the Call Centre?

You can check your LIC policy status through the call centre using the company's IVRS system, which is available 24/7 in almost all cities. Dial the Universal Access Number (UAN) 1251 to access LIC India IVRS. For BSNL or MTNL numbers, simply dial 1251, while users with other providers can call the IVRS centre number for their city, followed by 1251. Additionally, regional and zonal offices of LIC can provide policy status details for various policies categorised into eight zones.

For policy details/status, you can also contact LIC's toll-free customer care number at 1800 33 4433. Information about LIC customer care contact numbers for all voice support centres under the mentioned LIC zones is available.

Importance of Timely Checking of LIC Policy Status:

People often need more awareness to check their LIC policy status. However, regularly monitoring the status is crucial for the following reasons:

  1. To know policy details: Checking the status provides information on premium due dates, policy maturity, term, and sum assured, aiding financial planning.
  2. To avoid policy lapses: Keeping track of premium due dates prevents policy lapses and the loss of associated benefits.
  3. To make changes to the policy: Awareness of the current status allows informed decisions regarding adjustments to the policy.
  4. To stay updated on policy performance: Monitoring policy status helps assess returns and bonuses, allowing informed investment decisions.


Finally, being up-to-date with the progress of your LIC policy is not just a wise financial move but an effective way to safeguard your future. If you are an online user, you should take advantage of convenient options like SMS queries and call centres. You must also regularly verify your policy status to be more aware of significant facts such as premium dates, bonuses, due dates, and maturity times. The perception of having a good time not only contributes to avoiding lapses and unnecessary losses but also equips a person with all necessary information regarding adjustments, allowing one to maximise benefits from life insurance. LIC’s provision and acceptance of a wide variety of online activities adds to customer convenience and ensures people take care of their financial well-being.