Monthly Interest of 1 Lakh Fixed Deposit

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Monthly Interest of 1 Lakh Fixed Deposit

Investing in any scheme takes research and a series of sound decisions based on various things, such as your goal and the amount you are thinking of investing. Many people invest in various schemes or markets that are volatile, but people looking for a safe and secure way of investing go for “Fixed Deposits.” Fixed deposits are the most traditional, safe way of investing, which provides steady returns to investors without worrying about market volatility. If you want to earn monthly returns while keeping your savings aside, consider investing in a monthly interest of one lakh fixed deposit. Different banks provide different interest rates, so it's important to check all the details beforehand. 

This article will provide you with information on monthly interest one lakh fixed deposit and its benefits: 

Monthly Interest One Lakh Fixed Deposit

If you opt for a monthly interest of one lakh fixed deposit, then it could be deemed very useful for you to cover monthly expenses without using your savings that you can further use for other financial goals. This scheme is usually opted for by retirees or people who have inheritance money but lack a monthly stable income. This scheme helps people cover their monthly expenses on income provided by their bank. However, you should check all other banks' offers and invest Rs 1 lakh for the most profitable plan. People with excess funds can also opt for monthly payout fixed deposits and earn monthly income. 

Earning on Monthly Interest One Lakh Fixed Deposit

Let's look at the various amounts of monthly interest one lakh fixed deposit you would earn on different interest rates varying from 3% to 8.50%: 

FD AmountInterest RateInterest Earned
Rs. 1 lakh3%Rs. 250
Rs. 1 lakh4%Rs. 333.33
Rs. 1 lakh5%Rs. 416.66
Rs. 1 lakh6%Rs. 500
Rs. 1 lakh7%Rs. 583.33
Rs. 1 lakh7.50%Rs. 625
Rs. 1 lakh8%Rs. 666.66
Rs. 1 lakh8.50%Rs. 708.33

Fixed Deposit Calculators

For your monthly interest of one lakh fixed deposit, a fixed deposits calculator is a handy tool that factors in interest rates, assisting you in determining the maturity worth of your investment. Variables like interest rates, the deposit duration, and the invested amount often influence the final value of your investment at maturity. Whether you opt for a monthly payout fixed deposit, monthly interest on an FD, or payout per quarter can significantly affect the ultimate worth of your investment.

To utilise an FD calculator, you must input the account opening date, the tenor of the fixed deposit scheme, and the investment amount. Additionally, you'll need to specify the payout frequency. In the case of a quarterly or monthly payout FD, you'll select the duration in years, months, or days. After providing these details, you must input the interest rate applicable to your fixed deposit.

Once you provide all the essential information, the FD calculator will furnish you with the maturity value of your investment. It will also indicate the investment's maturity date based on your deposit date. The calculator offers separate displays for the generated interest and the principal amount, enhancing your convenience.

FD calculators employ a compounding formula to determine the maturity amount. This compounding process can occur on an annual, biannual, quarterly, or monthly basis. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly review the terms and conditions to grasp the services provided by the financial institution and the perks associated with your fixed deposit investment.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in FDs

Before investing monthly interest one lakh fixed deposit, or any FD of your choice, you should look at various factors to get the most out of your investment:

  • Interest Rates: Different banks offer varying interest rates on FDs. Opt for a bank with higher interest rates to maximise your returns.
  • Tenure: FDs come with fixed tenures, which can range from several months to years. The duration you choose impacts the interest rates and should align with your financial goals and liquidity needs.
  • Interest Payment Frequency: FDs offer flexibility in interest payment intervals, including monthly, quarterly, annually, or at maturity. Select the option that best matches your income requirements.
  • Premature Withdrawal: Be aware of the terms and conditions regarding early FD withdrawal. Penalties or reduced interest rates may apply if you must access your funds before maturity.
  • Safety: FDs are deemed safe investments, as they are protected by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation up to Rs. 5 lakh for each depositor per bank. Ensure you choose a reputable bank for your investment.
  • Tax Implications: Interest earned on FDs is taxable, with the tax liability determined by your income slab. Factor in the tax implications when estimating your investment returns.

Benefits of Monthly Income FDs

Let's look at the various benefits you get by investing in Monthly Income FDs: 

  • Customisable Investment: These schemes allow investors to customise investment to their financial abilities and needs, with no maximum investment limit.
  • Higher Earnings: Monthly income programs typically provide higher returns than traditional FDs and the post office's monthly income scheme.
  • Steady Monthly Returns: Investors can expect a regular monthly income, providing stability in their cash flow despite potential market fluctuations.
  • Professional Management: Experienced fund managers well-versed in the complexities of the investment market manage these schemes. They make informed decisions about the timing and extent of shifts.
  • Liquidity: Monthly income schemes offer higher liquidity than many other investment options. With no lock-in period, investors can access their funds anytime to address unexpected financial needs.
  • Low Charges: Investors are not burdened with processing fees when opening an account for a monthly income plan. Additionally, the scheme imposes a nominal exit fee, typically smaller than 1% of the entire investment.


Investing in a fixed deposit is safe and secure, but investing the traditional way and waiting for years to get returns while you cannot get your hands on the funds can be surpassed if you opt for monthly interest payout FDs. Now that you know the monthly interest of one lakh fixed deposit, you can make decisions suitable for your financial goals and beneficial for you and your family. You can enjoy a monthly income, which would help you cover your regular expenses and keep your savings safe.