Loan Against PNB FD

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Loan Against PNB FD

A ray of hope is provided by Punjab National Bank's (PNB) Loan Against FD (Fixed Deposit) service. When you need emergency financial help, picture a solution that lets you retrieve the value of your FD without compromising it. Loan against FD PNB is this kind of economic lifeline. PNB's service, with its dedication to simplicity, reasonable interest rates, and flexible periods, enables people to take advantage of investment possibilities or manage unforeseen costs without the hassles associated with traditional loans. Discover how PNB's Loan against FD may help you reach your full financial potential.

Understanding Loan Against FD

A loan against a fixed deposit enables you to borrow money in exchange for the loan amount, using your FD as collateral. PNB housing provides speedy processing, flexible repayment choices, low paperwork requirements, and simple loans against fixed deposits at set interest rates. As long as the public promise has been in operation for at least three months, a loan of up to 75% of the principal of the deposit may be made against it, with 2% annual interest on the deposit and any other fees that may apply. At maturity, the depositor will either settle the outstanding loan in full, including interest, or they will make adjustments when the deposit matures. A loan against FD PNB can facilitate you in your financial urgency. 

Characteristics of Loan Against FD PNB

It's essential to comprehend the main features of a loan against FD PNB before selecting one. This financial instrument has a unique set of features that might be helpful in certain circumstances. The primary attributes of a loan against FD PNB are as follows:

  • Disposing of the fixed deposit before maturity will not result in interest loss or penalty payments.
  • Comparing the loan to a personal loan, you qualify for it at a significantly lower interest rate.
  • No certificates of deposit may be used with the loan against FD PNB; only FDs may be used.
  • One might use the deposits as collateral for loans and advances.
  • Any Punjab National Bank branch can extend the loan as well.
  • PNB National Bank lends up to 90% of the fixed deposit amount as a loan against it.
  • These loans are available at interest rates set by the RBI, which are liable to change at any time or at the speeds the bank specifies.
  • TDS is applied to the Loan Against FD Interest Rate PNB, after which the interest is deducted from the advance or limit.

Who is Eligible for the Loan Against FD PNB?

You can apply for a loan with Punjab National Bank based on the fixed deposit arrangement you created by doing the following:

  • Municipality or Panchayat
  • Government or Quasi-government body
  • Illiterate and blind persons
  • An Individual 
  • Minors at the age of 10 years
  • Company or Corporate body
  • Commercial organizations
  • Partnership or Proprietorship firms
  • Hindu Undivided Families 
  • Charitable or Educational institutions
  • Clubs, associations, society, and more
  • Trusts or religious institutions

How an Individual Can Apply For a Loan Against FD PNB?

If you want to apply for a loan against a fixed-rate account (FD) that you created with PNB, you have to complete these steps:

  • Step 1- Get access to online banking.
  • Step 2- Select "Manage Account"
  • Step 3- Click "Open OD Account against FD" from the manage account section.
  • Step 4- Decide which savings and loan account to utilize for an overdraft.
  • Step 5- Then, the individual must enter the amount they want to withdraw.
  • Step 6- Now, click "Agree" to all the given terms and conditions.
  • Step 7- The OD account number will be visible on the display under "Operative Accounts" once this step is finished.

Documents Required 

It is necessary to have proper documents before you apply for PNB loan FD:

  • Two copies of the loan application form, correctly filled out and signed, together with each applicant's passport-size photo
  • Personal identity documents include a driver's licence, passport, Aadhaar, and PAN. 
  • A PAN Card or PAN Card Issuing Letter is required.
  • As proof of signature, you can use a PAN card, passport, driver's licence, or banker's confirmation.
  • Acceptable documentation of a home address includes an Aadhaar card, a valid rental acceptance, an electricity bill, and a postpaid phone bill.
  • Evidence of Income and Bank Account for Professionals on Salaries 
  • Pay stubs from the previous three months, Form 16, or tax returns.

Features of Loan Against FD PNB

If, for any reason, the minimum margin required by FD is lower at the time of approval, the bank has the right to require a lump sum from the client. Secondly, your bank is entitled to terminate your fixed deposit and recover their loss in cases whereby you fail to settle your outstanding balance.

  • While the bank does not provide a loan against Certificates of Deposit (CD), PNB permits overdrafts and loans against term deposits.
  • Deposits held to the borrowers' and third parties' credit may be used as collateral for loans and advances.
  • Once the lien has been recognized and the signature has been confirmed, the loan may be extended at any PNB branch.
  • Up to 90% of the money deposited can be lent against your FD.
  • These loans are provided at interest rates set by the Reserve Bank of India, which are subject to fluctuation, or at rates that the bank specifies.
  • The tax-deductible amount under section 194A of income tax on the interest earned on such term deposits must also be deducted from the advance/DP/limit for a loan against term savings where TDS is applicable.


A solid financial tool that might save you in tough times is a loan against FD PNB. It's easy, quick, and affordable, giving you the tools to deal with your money problems without going over your fixed deposit. So before you jump, carefully assess the effect on your FD and your capacity to repay. In money, a loan against FD PNB might be your reliable ally if utilized prudently.

Benefits of Loan Against FD Axis Bank 

 Loan Against FD Axis Bank has numerous benefits that fulfil the financial needs of individuals who need immediate liquidity while retaining the advantages of their fixed deposits. One of the key advantages is the quick and hassle-free access to funds. By using their existing fixed deposit as Collateral, borrowers can bypass the lengthy approval processes associated with traditional loans, making it an efficient solution for urgent financial requirements.


Importantly, borrowers can access the funds they need without compromising the benefits of their fixed deposits. The underlying fixed deposit continues to earn interest, ensuring that individuals can maintain their wealth-building strategy even as they access funds. This dual benefit of liquidity and continued earnings positions Axis Bank's Loan Against FD as a strategic financial tool.

Furthermore, the interest rates offered by Axis Bank on loans against FD are often more competitive than those of unsecured loans. This leads to cost savings for borrowers, making it a financially effective choice. The application process requires minimal documentation, reducing the administrative burden on applicants. This simplicity and a smooth approval process enhance the overall experience of the customer.


Flexibility is another advantage, particularly in the repayment structure. Borrowers can choose between interest-only payments or opt for Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs), aligning the repayment plan with their financial abilities. The option for prepayment adds flexibility, allowing borrowers to manage their finances more efficiently.