What is UPI Pin and How to Generate it

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What is UPI Pin and How to Generate it

Did you ever think about how every ATM needs a PIN before you can withdraw money from your account? Likewise, if you are using the Unified Payments Interface to make payments or transfer money from your bank account, you should enter your what is UPI PIN. It is a self-chosen sequence of numbers exclusive to your bank account that helps validate transactions. The onset of UPI in India in 2016 was a benchmark in achieving the goal of a cashless economy. It substitutes payments made via National Electronics Fund Transfer and IMPS. UPI is a dedicated platform that guarantees a safe, quick and efficient approach to performing financial transactions with an exclusive UPI PIN. Continue reading to learn what is UPI PIN is and the process to generate and reset it.

What is a UPI PIN?

UPI PIN is called the gatekeeper of your account. You can transfer funds between bank accounts with the help of a UPI ID and PIN. The NPCI has developed the Unified Payments Interface. UPI eradicates the requirement for complicated details, such as IFSC Codes, Internet Banking login details, or account numbers. A Unified Payments Interface ID is an exclusive payment address for a bank account on UPI and merges your name with a definite like your phone number following the name@bank format.

So, what is UPI PIN? The UPI Personal Identification Number refers to a four or six-digit number needed to set on registration with the UPI mobile app. Remembering the set numbers and never disclosing the same to anyone is highly advisable.  With the removal of furnishing bank account numbers and IFSC Codes, the UPI will protect you from the flaws of online transaction methods, i.e. online theft or misuse of your details.

Significance of UPI PIN

UPI has earned prominence in recent years. It is popular because of its attractive features, such as prompt payments and safeguarded transactions. Therefore, it is broadly used to carry out financial transactions. But guess what? To use the Unified Payments app for making payments, you have first to generate a password, which is the UPI PIN, to send or get money through UPI. You can change or reset the personal identification number for UPI effortlessly.

Yes, you hear it right!

You need to provide your what is UPI PIN to ensure a legal and valid transaction. Here are the reasons for carrying out monetary transactions via the Unified Payments Interface:-

  • As the owner of your bank account, you set up the PIN, which is unique to all bank accounts. Hence, only you can use it, thereby ensuring safety. 
  • You have the option to choose your unique PIN for UPI, making it simpler for you to remember.
  • With a UPI PIN, you can check the balance in your account, purchase insurance, send money, book FDs, and make payments for health insurance premiums.

Advantages of Updating UPI PIN

You can enjoy the following merits of updating your UPIN PIN:-

Saves Time

You can generate a banking Personal Identification Number from the comfort of your home because of the online procedure. Yes, you heard it right! You can now generate or reset a PIN via UPI apps.


A UPI PIN lets you perform numerous monetary transactions because of its versatility. You can transfer funds, recharge online, pay bills, etc.

Enhanced Security

Here is the fact. Transactions via UPI PIN are secure because your bank account is linked to it, and only you know your password. You can be at peace, and you do not have to worry about suspicious activities or fraud. While carrying out transactions, you only have to use your correct PIN and refrain from sharing it with anyone.

Steps to Generate a New UPI PIN

To use a payment mode, you must sign up for the service at your preferred bank. You can do it through mobile or Internet Banking of a particular bank. The steps to generate a new UPI PIN are as follows:-

  • Visit the UPI application you prefer.
  • Navigate to the Bank Account Tab on the mobile app. This part displays every bank account which is connected to this particular application.
  • Choose the bank account you want to set up your UPI PIN. You will see a setting option if you still need to set up your UPI PIN for a specific bank account.
  • Input the last six digits and the expiration date of your debit card or ATM.
  • Now, you will get a One-Time Password from the banking institution on your registered mobile number. Input the  One-Time Password you got on your mobile number registered with the bank on the display screen.
  • Enter the UPI PIN you wish to set up for your account and tap the submit button.

Ways to Reset a Current UPI PIN

After setting up the PIN, you will get confirmation on your registered phone number. After this, you can make financial transactions with the PIN for verification. However, if you misplace your phone or forget your PIN, you can reset it. How do you reset your PIN?  If you wish to modify your current what is UPI PIN, follow the below steps:-

  • Open your preferred UPI application.
  • Select UPI to send money.
  • Select the Settings option on the app’s right-hand side, from where you have to go back to the bank section.
  • Click the Change PIN option under the bank account you wish to modify your personal identification number.
  • Provide the last six digits of your card number and the expiration date.
  • Now, input your existing UPI PIN and the new one.
  • Re-enter your new Personal Identification and click the Confirm option. 
  • Your Unified Payments Interface PIN will now be changed.

The UPI Personal Identification Number is a password that has full control over the funds in your bank account. Hence, keeping it highly confidential is of utmost importance. Also, remember to create a UPI PIN, which is simple so you can remember it easily.


To conclude, a Unified Payments Interface or UPI, is a prominent cashless solution enabling 24x7 fund transfers without sharing bank information. It is safeguarded with a two-factor verification and allows linking several bank accounts for smooth transactions. It offers convenient payment of bills and mobile recharges, decreasing dependency on physical payment methods. UPI has a plethora of privileges. All e-commerce portals today depend on UPI payments for a seamless experience. You can make transactions whenever you want, paying utility bills, DTH recharge, donations, etc. Furthermore, you can access different bank accounts with a UPI application and PIN. To know more about what is UPI PIN, refer to the blogs on INDmoney