Punjab & Sind Bank mPassbook

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Punjab & Sind Bank mPassbook

Punjab & Sind Bank is a popular bank with safe deposits for a large population. The bank was established in 1908 and has over 1500 branches in India. Account holders in Punjab & Sind Bank can benefit from excellent customer service, digital features and bank schemes. It also benefits social banking services, international banking and so on. 

If you are an account holder at the bank or looking forward to opening a new account here, you can also expect an mPassbook facility there. It is available through a specific app. The article discusses the options to access information about your Punjab & Sind Bank account and the Mobile Passbook. 

How to Use Punjab & Sind mPassbook?

The mPassbook facility is available in a specifically designed app, PSB UnIC Digital Banking, which offers combined features of Internet banking, mobile banking and UPI through the same credentials. The service is provided to the users who have an account and registered for app access with Punjab & Sind Bank with the following access: 


Users can get detailed information about their account, including account number, current balance and mini and detailed statements as available in the Punjab & Sind Bank m-Passbook.


The Punjab & Sind Bank account holders can register with internet banking credentials, debit cards or bank tokens. 

Handle transaction limit

Users can set transaction limits for different digital services, which include mobile banking, UPI and Internet banking. 


Account holders can transfer the funds within and outside the bank through multiple transfer modes.


Punjab & Sind Bank account holders can add and modify the nominee's details.


The m-Passbook facility at the bank is available with debit card operations management and applications for new debit cards.


Chequebook management, FD and RD management, donations, standing instructions and other activities can also be handled along with Punjab & Sind m-Passbook at PSB UnIC Digital Banking. 


Alternate mPassbook Facilities

The account holders also get separate facilities at the bank for Internet banking and Mobile banking. Internet banking is separately available for retail users and corporate users. Additionally, the PSB mPay is an application for mobile banking services. 

Internet Banking: Internet banking allows key features of viewing and performing transactions. The customers get the default ‘View Only Facility’ on online registration, which can be modified to ‘View and Transaction’ by providing the registered mobile number. 

Mobile Banking: Mobile banking allows a user-friendly and safe environment to perform balance inquiries and generate mini statements. The facility provides additional services as well. 

Mobile Phone: Users can perform balance inquiries through missed calls and SMS services. 

ATM: ATM cardholders get an additional method to access their balance information through ATMs. 

Procedure to Get M-Passbook Facility

With numerous ways to access account information, the procedure for each differs. Here is what you must do to access the Punjab & Sind m-Passbook benefits:

PSB UnIC Digital Banking: The service is available for Android and iPhone users. The iPhone owners can click the link to scan the QR code for downloading. Users of Android devices can click the link to download from Playstore directly. 

Internet Banking: The Punjab & Sind bank account holders interested in availing of the m-Passbook facility from Internet banking must go through the stepwise procedure stated by the bank before beginning the registration process. The one-stop solution for all queries is attached here.

PSB mPay: Users are required to fill out the application form to register the benefits of mobile banking services. The application form is available at the link.

Mobile Phone: To use the missed call and SMS feature, users must have their mobile number registered with the bank to avail of the benefit. Account holders can make missed calls at the number 7039035156. They will receive an SMS message with balance details. SMS banking provides more detailed facilities similar to m-Passbook. Users must type PBAL Account-Number SMS-Banking-Password for account balance information and PTXN Account-Number SMS-Banking-Password to get the details on the last three transactions. They can send the accurately typed message to 9773056161 & 8082656161.

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