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Check Punjab & Sind Bank Account Number

The Punjab and Sind Bank services offer a convenient solution, enabling customers to access their accounts effortlessly. Customers can use dedicated balance check numbers to retrieve this information through missed calls, online banking, mobile apps, or ATMs. 

With thousands of customers trusting Punjab and Sind Bank, this PSU provides various financial services and facilitates easy balance checks, allowing individuals to monitor their funds for informed financial planning. Whether tracking incoming payments or ensuring cheque clearance, this article explores user-friendly methods for Punjab and Sind Bank Balance Checks.

User-Friendly Methods for Punjab and Sind Bank Balance Check

Punjab and Sind Bank offer multiple convenient avenues for customers to check their account balances, catering to varying preferences and accessibility. PSB customers can seamlessly monitor their finances through the following methods:

Missed Call Banking: 

  • Dial PSB Balance Check Number: 7039035156 from the registered phone number.
  • Give a missed call, and the bank will promptly send the account balance details to the same number.

SMS Banking: 

  • Send a message to the Punjab and Sind Bank Balance Check Number: 9773056161 or 8082656161.
  • Format the message as follows: <PSB> (sent from the registered phone number).
  • If you have not already done so, visit the home branch to register the mobile number.

Digital Banking:

  • Log in to the Punjab and Sind online banking portal.
  • Input the user identification number and password.
  • Click the 'View Account Details' option and select the “Check Account Balance' option to check the current account balance.

ATM Services:

  • Visit the nearest ATM (not necessarily PSB ATM).
  • Insert/swipe the ATM card and enter the 4-digit PIN.
  • Select the 'Balance Check' option to view the PSB account balance and receive a printed receipt.

Mobile Banking App (PSB may):

  • PSB customers can use the PSB mPay mobile banking application.
  • Log in to the application, go to 'My Accounts,' and click 'View Account Balance' for instant details.

Passbook Update:

  • Account holders are provided with a passbook at the time of account opening.
  • Update the passbook by visiting the nearest Punjab and Sind Bank branches to view transactions and account balances.

Punjab and Sind Bank Grievance Redressal Process

When customers are dissatisfied with the response provided by the customer service team, a structured Grievance Redressal Process is in place to address concerns effectively.

Zonal Manager Escalation: 

  • If customers are dissatisfied with Punjab and Sind Bank's customer service response, they can escalate the matter to the Bank's Zonal Manager.
  • State-wise details of Zonal Managers can be found on the bank's official website, allowing customers to identify the appropriate authority for their region.

Nodal Officer at Head Office:

  • Should the customer remain dissatisfied with the Zonal Manager's response, the next step is to report the matter to the Bank's Nodal Officer at the Head Office.
  • The Nodal Officer is specifically designated to handle Customer Complaints and Grievances, providing an additional layer of oversight.

Online Complaint Submission:

  • Customers can lodge and track their complaints online by completing the Online Complaint Form available on the official websites of Punjab and Sind Bank.
  • This online platform streamlines the grievance redressal process, offering customers a convenient and transparent way to communicate their concerns.

Punjab and Sind Bank Customer Care Services

Punjab and Sind Bank, committed to providing its customers with various financial services, understands the importance of seamless customer support. The bank has established a dedicated Punjab and Sind Bank customer care number to facilitate efficient communication and address queries. 

Punjab & Sind Bank Customer Care (Toll-Free) Number:

  • Customers seeking assistance or wanting to register a complaint can dial the toll-free number: 1800-419-8300.
  • Accessible 24 hours a day, customers can connect with Punjab and Sind Bank customer care through their registered mobile numbers, ensuring around-the-clock support.

Punjab & Sind Bank Customer Care through SMS:

  • For queries related to debit cards, customers can reach out through SMS using the following numbers:
Type of QueryPSB Customer Care Number
To hotlist/block ATM/RuPay Cards9223815844
To Block/Freeze Debit Card Account8828837411
  • Follow the steps mentioned for each query to ensure prompt and accurate resolution.

These Punjab and Sind Bank customer care services are designed to meet varying customer needs, supporting various products and services, including savings accounts, fixed deposits (FDs), recurring deposits (RDs), and online banking.

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