How to Generate a Debit Card PIN?

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Debit Card pin

Generating your debit card PIN is incredibly useful and simple, especially when you have the option of getting it easily in multiple ways. As an account holder, a debit card PIN generated will be useful whenever you need to use any third-party platform for online payment or even to take some money out from the Debit Card

Generate Debit Card PIN from the Bank’s ATM

Visit the nearest ATM branch of your bank for the debit card PIN generated with whom you have an account. You can get the PIN by following the steps given below:

  • First, insert your debit card into the ATM and choose “Generate ATM PIN” or “Change PIN”. 
  • Generally, you can find three different methods of verifying that you hold your account with the bank. And one of the ways will always be given to you as well. 
  • You may be required to enter a temporary ATM PIN your bank gives you while opening your account or later by post.
  • You can also verify your account through a one-time password (OTP). The OTP is given through your mobile number, and you can use it to debit card PIN generate or even change your PIN. 
  • You could also need to enter some details, such as your account number and registered mobile number, to generate your debit card PIN quickly. 

Once your account is verified, you can set your debit card PIN as needed. 

Generate Debit Card PIN through Net Banking

Having a debit card PIN generated through the ATM is not always necessary. You can also get it through net banking from your home and generate a Green PIN. However, you will first need to be registered for Internet banking with the account that you want the debit card PIN generated with. Therefore, you can get your ATM PIN from your bank’s net banking portal by following the below points:

  • Login to your net banking portal with your given password and username. 
  • Choose the account that you want to get the debit card PIN for.
  • Click on the option of “ATM card services”.
  • Select “Generate new ATM” and then fill in whatever PIN you want. 
  • After this, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number to verify your account. 
  • You can verify the request, and you will then be able to use your new PIN. 

Other Methods of Generating the ATM PIN

If you find it difficult to generate your debit card PIN through net banking or ATM, you can get it through another method. You can follow the points given below to debit card PIN generated through SMS.

  • Ring customer care of the bank that you have an account. 
  • You can send a message code to your bank’s particular number for SMS banking and get your ATM PIN through SMS. 
  • You can also generate your debit card PIN by visiting your bank. 

Top Things to Consider When Getting Your Debit Card PIN

Having a debit card PIN generate is extremely crucial if you want to secure your funds. But it is also important to consider certain aspects to get the PIN. Therefore, these important considerations involve the following points:

Do Not Share Your Debit Card PIN with Anybody

Your debit card PIN is the key to accessing your funds, and you need to keep it entirely away from everybody. If you do not want any unauthorized person to access your funds, you must never share the PIN with anybody. 

Protect Your ATM PIN while Utilising it at POS Terminals

Ensure that no one can see the PIN that you are entering when you are using your debit card at POS terminals. You can cover the keypad while typing your PIN so that your information remains confidential. 

Avoid Using Personal Information and Keep a Strong Password

When generating your debit card PIN, you must ascertain that it cannot be guessed easily and is strong. You must create a strong password not involve your personal information to safeguard your debit card PIN and secure your funds. 

Do Not Send your Debit Card PIN to Anyone

Banks never ask for your personal information or banking credentials over the phone, through text, or email. If you get any such request, then you must report it to the bank immediately and do not provide any information. 

Only Use Authorised Sites to Make Payments with Your Debit Card

Sometimes, information gets stolen through websites, and you must ensure you do not use your debit card or PIN on any unauthorized website. You should also avoid clicking on downloadable attachments or links from unknown sources that can lead to phishing scams. 

Do Not Write Down your PIN Anywhere

Another way of keeping your debit card PIN safe and away from everybody else is by not writing it down anywhere. You may think of noting it down on paper to simply remember and use it whenever you need it, but it can also be seen by someone who may misuse your information. Therefore, the safest bet is to simply commit your PIN to memory. 

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Getting a debit card PIN generated is a simple process through SMS, net banking, or ATMs. But you need to consider that you keep your debit card secure. Your PIN secures your funds and keeps your hard-earned money safe. In such a scenario, if you click on any unknown thing, it can lead to your information being stolen and will jeopardize the safety of your funds. 

Therefore, your debit card PIN is one of the important information without which you may be unable to accomplish your financial activities. As a result, once you have generated your ATM or debit card PIN, you must keep it in your memory and nowhere else.