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Founded in 1908 in Baroda, Gujarat, the Bank of Baroda (BOB) has transcended from a modest financial enterprise to a banking giant. Renowned for its commitment to meeting clients' diverse needs, BOB has consistently embraced technological advancements. 

In a stride toward modernisation, the bank has transitioned from the conventional short account number format to a more robust 14-digit Bank of Baroda account number, aligning with the demands of the contemporary electronic fund transfer system.

Understanding Bank of Baroda's 14-digit Account Number Format

The Bank of Baroda account number format is designed to provide a structured and comprehensive identifier for each account holder. As of the latest information available, the new Bank of Baroda account number consists of 14 digits, each serving a specific purpose in the account identification process.

The breakdown of the Bank of Baroda account number format is as follows:

Branch Code (First Four Digits): The initial four digits of the 14-digit account number represent the branch code. This unique code is assigned to every branch of the Bank of Baroda, enabling easy identification of the branch associated with a particular account.

Product Code (Next Two Digits): Following the branch code, the next two digits represent the product code. Different accounts, such as savings, current, or loan accounts, are assigned specific product codes. This feature streamlines the process of determining the account type.

Customer's Real Account Number (Last Eight Digits): The final set of eight digits in the account number constitutes the customer's account number. This portion uniquely identifies the customer within the specified branch and account type.

Example of Bank of Baroda Account Number: 

Consider the account number 12345677654321. In this example, the branch code is 1234, the product code is 56, and the last eight digits (77654321) represent the customer's real account number. Therefore, the entire 14-digit sequence (12345677654321) must be communicated when providing the account number.

The Bank of Baroda emphasises the significance of the complete 14-digit account number in electronic transactions. Given the substantial volume of daily transactions in the electronic payments system, accuracy in entering the entire account number is crucial for successful and error-free transactions. This meticulous approach minimises the risk of incorrect transactions and increases consumer satisfaction in their banking experiences.

Baroda UP Gramin Bank - How To Check Account Balance

Baroda UP Gramin Bank Balance Check can be done through various methods. Here are a few common ways to check your account balance:

Internet Banking:

  • Log in to the official Website of Baroda UP Gramin Bank.
  • Navigate to the Internet banking section and sign in with your credentials.
  • When signed in, you can view your account balance on the dashboard.

Mobile Banking:

  • If Baroda UP Gramin Bank offers a mobile banking application, download and install the app on your smartphone.
  • Sign in to the mobile banking app using your credentials.
  • Look for the "Account Balance" or a similar option to view your current balance.

SMS Banking:

  • Ensure that your mobile number is registered with the bank.
  • Send an SMS to the specified number in the prescribed format. The bank usually provides this format during the registration process.
  • You will get a message with your account balance information.


  • Visit any Bank of Baroda or Baroda UP Gramin Bank ATM.
  • Insert your card into the ATM and enter your PIN.
  • Select the "Balance Enquiry" option to view your account balance.


  • You can visit a bank branch if you have a passbook for your Baroda UP Gramin Bank account.
  • Present your passbook to the bank staff, who will update it with the latest transactions, including your account balance.

Baroda UP Gramin Bank: Convenient Balance Enquiry at Your Fingertips

  • Bank Name: Baroda UP Gramin Bank
  • Official Website: 
  • Office Address: Budh Vihar Commercial Scheme, Taramandal, Gorakhpur – 273016 
  • Official Email ID: 
  • Head Office Contact Number: 0551-2230240, 2230166
  • Baroda Gramin Bank's Toll-Free Number: 1800 1800 225
  • UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number: 9986454440
  • Block Debit Card (24x7) Number: 022-26776701, 26776702

Balance Enquiry Made Simple:

Baroda UP Gramin Bank understands the importance of convenience for its customers. Through a dedicated balance inquiry number, patrons can swiftly check their remaining bank balance with a missed call. Here's how you can access the balance enquiry number service:

  • Dial UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number: Dial 9986454440 from your registered mobile number linked to your Baroda UP Gramin Bank account.
  • Wait for the Call to Disconnect: Allow the call to disconnect after a few rings. You will get an automated SMS with your account balance details shortly.

This efficient and user-friendly service aligns with the bank's commitment to providing accessible banking solutions to its customers. Whether you are in Eastern UP or Western UP, Baroda UP Gramin Bank's merger has paved the way for enhanced services, including internet banking and the convenience of balance inquiry through a simple missed call.

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