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Bank of Maharashtra is a well-known public-sector bank that offers multiple services, including savings accounts. Here, account holders can benefit from the bank’s wide range of services and privileges. You have to submit an application form along with the necessary documents to open an account and get your personal account number. 

Are you looking to open an account in the Bank of Maharashtra and are confused about their functioning? Here’s all the relevant information about the Bank of Maharashtra account number.

Understanding Your Bank of Maharashtra Account Number

The account number is an 11-digit code that account holders get on opening their bank accounts. Account numbers assist in performing multiple bank-related activities conveniently, whether offline or online. 

Many banks offer attractive interest rates on savings accounts to grab the attention of the customers and encourage them to open their accounts. The process to get an account number is simple. You just have to submit certain necessary documents asked by the banks, and you are ready to enjoy the services of the bank using the assigned Bank of Maharashtra account number.

Key Features of Bank of Maharashtra Account Numbers

The Bank of Maharashtra account number plays a vital role in offering multiple benefits of the numerous services and privileges. Here are some of the features of the account number for your reference.

  • Account numbers provide convenience in cash deposits 
  • Banks also offer alternatives to savings account that provides financial assistance to several customers
  • Accountholders can access their bank details along with account numbers physically or digitally.
  • Transaction history can be viewed using the account number
  • You can make payments and do transactions on all your accounts using account numbers

How do you Get to Know the Bank of Maharashtra Account Number?

There are several ways through which you can find your Bank of Maharashtra account number. They are:

Check your passbook or use m-Passbook

When you open an account at the Bank of Maharashtra, they provide you with your bank account passbook, which is where you get your account number. In case you do not have your passbook, you can also check your account number through m-Passbook, which is available on the bank’s application. To view or download m-Passbook, you have to install the app and add valid credentials to log in.

Call the toll-free customer support number

You can call the toll-free number of the Bank of Maharashtra, i.e., 1800 233 4526, using the mobile number listed above with your bank account. The bank officials will provide you with the bank account number information.

Log in to mobile banking

To find the account number via the mobile banking application of the Bank of Maharashtra, you have to log in with your valid credentials. You must have registered with your mobile banking of the Bank of Maharashtra to proceed further and get relevant information like account number.

Refer to your chequebook

The Bank of Maharashtra provides chequebooks to their account holders. The chequebook's first page consists of the account holder's bank information, including the account holder's name, account number, IFSC code, branch name and so on. In addition, each leaf of the chequebook contains the customer's account number. In certain cases, where account holders wish to generate personalised chequebooks, the chequebook leaves hold the account holder’s name along with the account number.

Access the online portal under 'My Account Section'

You can visit the Bank of Maharashtra portal online and click on the ‘My Account Section’, where you will be able to find your account number. Know that you can only access information after logging in using your credentials if you have registered yourself in internet banking.

Visit a Bank of Maharashtra branch

You can also visit the Bank of Maharashtra to know your account number. You have to ask the bank representative to guide you through the steps. Ensure you have valid identity proof and bank-related documents to proceed with enquiry.

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