How to Lock/Unlock Aadhar Biometric

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How to Lock/Unlock Aadhar Biometric

Aadhaar is now a required document to use while requesting many services. It is crucial to prevent any misuse or illegal use of the ID since it is often utilized. A capability that enables Aadhaar holders to temporarily lock their biometrics, after which the ID cannot be used for authentication, has been deployed by the UIDAI for this purpose. At a later time, the Aadhaar holder may decide to permit this. Aadhaar numbers couldn't be abused because of this feature. Biometric locks and unlocks are an easy process that may be done online.

Lock/unlock biometrics online:

  • Visit the UIDAI website and choose "Lock/Unlock Biometrics" under the "Aadhaar Services" section to lock or unlock your biometrics.

lock and unlock aadhaar card

  • After entering your security code and 12-digit UID number, click the Send OTP option. Your mobile phone will get a text message with the one-time password (OTP), which you need to input before pressing the Login button.
  • Click "Enable" after signing in and entering the four-digit security code shown on the screen. Your biometrics will be locked as soon as a consequence.
  • You can unlock the biometrics as well. Click the "Login" button and repeat the previous steps to unlock your biometrics. If all you want to do is activate it for a certain form application, you may merely unlock it. You may disable the biometric lock if you want to take it off permanently. Your Aadhar account will thereafter be free of the biometric lock.

It should be noted that the biometric lock deactivation is presently only possible via the web portal. You may deactivate the Aadhar number once you have completed the Aadhar number, security code, and OTP procedure. This will deactivate the biometric lock permanently. You must utilize this capability only if you are certain that you no longer wish to use the biometric lock.

mAadhaar to lock or deactivate the biometric information on my Aadhar card?

It is already well known that mAadhaar is the UIDAI's online application that enables you to download your Aadhar card to your smartphone and use it as a virtual Aadhaar for all of your purposes. The UIDAI-managed mAadhaar app is another option to lock/unlock biometrics. Follow these instructions to use the mAadhaar app to unlock the biometric data in Aadhar:

  • Installing and downloading the mAadhaar app is the first step. Depending on whatever platform you use, you may download this using either the Google Android or the Apple iOS one. After adding your profile to the app, you can then access your Aadhaar profile there.
lock and unlock aadhaar
  • Three vertical dots may be seen in the app's upper right corner. Select the Biometric Settings option by clicking on the three vertical dots.
  • Then check the Enable Biometric Locking box and click the check mark. An OTP will be asked from your cell phone right away. UIDAI will send the OTP to the registered cellphone number throughout the Aadhar application process.
  • There is a minor variation between this interface and the UIDAI interface. The system feeds the OTP into the program automatically for security reasons, and there is no opportunity to input the OTP manually. Your biometric is locked after you approve the job. It may take up to 6 hours to activate the lock in most cases.

The Aadhar biometric lock is a helpful security feature for keeping your Aadhar data as secure as possible. The success of any such huge online service is dependent on security, and this is the basic least that you can do to improve Aadhar security.

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