How To Merge Two UAN EPF Accounts

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A unique identifier known as the Universal Account Number, or UAN, is given to each EPFO member who contributes to their EPF accounts. As per EPF regulations, each PF member can only possess a single UAN because it can be not easy to navigate the maze of Employee Provident Fund (EPF) accounts, particularly if you have to manage several UANs. Although it can seem like a bureaucratic obstacle, unifying these accounts is important. In this blog, we provide detailed information on how to merge two different UAN accounts into one. 

Reasons for Allotment of Two UAN Numbers

The new employer opens a new EPF account when an employee changes jobs. Every EPF account has a UAN associated with it. Therefore, there is a very high chance that when the member employee switches organisations, a new UAN number will be assigned to him. The member may be assigned a new UAN for several reasons. The following is a list of the most typical causes:

  • The worker withheld information about his prior UAN:
    An employee must reveal his prior UAN and EPF account number (Member ID) while changing jobs. If he denies these facts, the new employer will start his new UAN and EPF accounts.
  • Non-furnishing of “Date of Exit” by the previous employer:
    Your former employer must include “The date of leaving in the Electronic Challan and Return or ECR.” The new employer issues the employee a new UAN if the previous one is not given on time.

How Can You Merge Two UAN EPF Accounts?

Members of EPFO who own two UANs are required to deactivate one of them. The EPF amount must be transmitted to the new UAN, and the previous UAN is often deleted.

Some different methods to deactivate the UAN are stated below:

Method 1:

  • Inform your employer or EPF of the problem as soon as you become aware.
  • Emails can be sent to When you mention your past and present UAN, EPFO will investigate the matter.
  • Your current UAN will remain operational while your prior UAN is blocked.
  • After that, you must file a claim to move the EPF account to the newly active account (connected to the banned UAN).

This procedure takes a while, and the resolution rate is reportedly not good. As a result, EPFO has developed a new process that will simplify for members to combine their two UANs and transfer their EPF. Below, let’s go over this approach in more detail:

Method 2:

  • The transfer of EPF funds from the old UAN to the new one must be requested by the EPFO member.
  • The EPFO system automatically identifies the duplicate UAN upon receiving a request for an EPF transfer. This process of identification happens periodically.
  • Following accurate identification, EPFO will deactivate the old UAN used to perform the EPF transfer, and the employee’s prior member ID will be linked to the new UAN. The employee receives an SMS informing them of their deactivation status.
  • To obtain the most recent account status, the employee will be asked to activate his new UAN if he hasn’t already.
  • The employee may occasionally receive PF arrears from their former company. The EPFO’s system will immediately recognise the arrears in these situations resulting from two EPF accounts with separate UANs. The arrear is deposited in the new PF account linked with the new UAN. There is a periodic identifying process. Therefore, as soon as you learn about it, you must request the transfer of your old EPF to your new one. In the ECR, the system automatically enters the new UAN number.

Advantages of UAN for Employees

UAN provides some advantages to the employees. Check them out they are stated below:

  • Minimum Employer Involvement in PF Withdrawals:
    Employer participation is much decreased when UAN is present since, upon completion of KYC verification, the PF accumulation from the previous organisation will be moved to the new PF account.
  • No Need for Fund Transfer:
    After verification, the staff member must provide his new employer with his UAN data and KYC to transfer the previous PF amount to the new PF account.
  • Manage Via SMS Alerts:
    As soon as an employer contributes to PF, individuals will receive an SMS. The employee was authorised on the UAN portal. Thus, this is given.

Steps to Transfer EPF Online

Before you transfer your EPF online, you must know the steps. Check the following steps to transfer EPF online:

  1. Click this to access the EPFO web portal.
  2. Enter the information, including your password, UAN, and captcha.
  3. After logging in, click “One Member-One EPF Account” in the “Online Services” section.
  4. Verify that all of your personal information is current and accurate on the following page that displays.
  5. To view and correctly check your PF details, click “Get details.”
  6. Click “Get OTP” once your PF information has been validated.
  7. Click “Submit” after entering the OTP sent to the registered mobile number.
  8. After that, you must complete Form 13, which requests your PF information from your prior and current employers.
  9. Within the next 10 days, it is essential that the individual signs the form and mail it to the employer. 
  10. Your employers will check the information you submitted and confirm its accuracy, allowing your EPF to be successfully sent online.


It is against the law and the regulations to have two active UANs. Each member must have a single UAN connected to all their EPF accounts. However, an employee with two UANs may ask to terminate his prior UAN. As a result, an EPF account associated with one UAN.

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