INDmoney Classroom #5 : Mutual Fund SIP - What Should You Know?

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Mutual Fund SIP - Is this the right way to invest?
  • Understanding SIP
  • Mutual Funds - What is SIP
  • SIP calculation
  • benefits of SIP
  • Benefits of SIP
  • SIP details

SIPing is the way to invest :)

It automates the investing journey, helps in managing market volatility, and removes the burden of checking markets daily for investing - SIP is the way to invest. But, what is SIP actually, and what are the benefits - we explain in detail in INDmoney Classroom today.

Also an update: We have launched US stocks SIP.

This is one of the most popular feature requests by Indian investors who have been investing globally. If you invest in SIP in mutual funds, you know how powerful it is. Following the same SIP feature, we have launched the US Stocks / ETF SIP feature that lets you invest a fixed amount in any US stocks or ETF on a weekly or monthly basis - even as low as Rs. 500. This averages out your cost of investing and benefits from the power of compounding.  

More details here!