Top Drone Companies in India: Should you Consider Investing in them?

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top drone companies in India

About drones

A drone that resembles a mini aircraft is a remotely controlled vehicle. It also goes by the name UAV or unmanned aerial vehicles. It has a tiny yet sophisticated robot-like structure and it is also controlled using a remote. The main purpose of this aerial vehicle is to help in making our life more simple. Drones have the capability to carry and deliver groceries at our doorstep and deliver parcels at home. 

Moreover, it can also be maneuvered to complete extremely risky tasks such as scanning an active volcano or any approaching danger zones and it is utilized extensively for military or defense purposes.

Due to its extensive capabilities and unique service options, food, grocery, and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy, etc. are searching for ways to increase the efficiency of their delivery services utilizing the drones. Let us look at how the drones and drone manufacturing companies are helping us in our daily life and beyond.

Utilization of drones


The United States and British military forces have been utilizing drones for security and training purposes. Moreover, some of the drones also specialize in spying and surveillance. Drones can also be used in congested places in order to scan for any kind of explosive and similar materials. Indian defense and security forces are utilizing the same technology in order to look for security threats.

Journalism, filming, videography

The world of cinema, mass media, journalism, photo and videography drones have brought forth a revolution. The UAVs are now extensively being used to take breathtakingly beautiful pictures and videos. Drones can reach the place and can create angles that are not physically possible for human beings. Lots of journalists and photographers use drones in order to cover incidents, take pictures for new reports, etc.

Delivery purposes

Even though delivering shipments through drones is a technology that is still a work in progress, big companies such as Amazon have already tested the technology and have started delivering their shipments mainly in the United States and other European countries. In India food and grocery delivery services such as Dunzo, Zomato, Swiggy are also considering opportunities to deliver essential products such as medicine, food, and grocery items utilizing the UAVs.

Topographical mapping

Even though humans have developed the technology to reach the moon, there are still places on earth that are not accessible to humans. For example, the peak of a huge mountain, coastlines, etc. In these circumstances, the drones are utilized in order to study and scan the whole topography of the location. With the help of the captured footage, a 3D map is created so that researchers can study the areas more extensively.

Safety and security measures

For safety purposes, the gas and oil companies regularly have to check or inspect their huge storage and tanks from time to time. With the help of drones, these inspections can be timely conducted without external risk or hassle.

Agricultural usage

Drones also have agricultural usage. The rotor drones are used to observe the condition of the crops and to dispense fertilizers on the same.

Due to their multipurpose usage drones are a cost-efficient option for the long term and companies who want to provide better services to their customers can utilize drones to conduct their daily operations quickly and more efficiently. If you are interested in investing in futuristic technologies then you can put your money in drone company stocks.

List of Drone Company Stocks You Can Invest in 2022

Find out the drone manufacturing listed companies in India to buy from and indulge in long-term investment from the table below:

NameMarket Cap (Cr.)Latest PriceP/E Ratio
Zomato LtdRs. 47,001 CrRs. 54.95NA
Info Edge (India) LtdRs. 45,354 CrRs. 3,51157.10
Rattanindia Enterprises LtdRs. 5,349 CrRs. 38.7012.81
Dcm Shriram Industries LtdRs. 13,059 CrRs. 837.4511.60
Hindustan Aeronautics LtdRs. 89,757 CrRs. 2,684.2514.71
Solar Industries India LtdRs. 35,348 CrRs. 3,906.3049.16
Paras Defense and Space Technologies LtdRs. 1,843Rs. 472.6549.18
Zen Technologies LtdRs. 2,165 crRs. 272.4083.82

(Data as of Mar 1, 2023)

Disclaimer: The securities quoted are exemplary and not recommendatory. Past performance is not indicative of future returns

Key takeaways

  • Although drone development technology is still a work in progress, a lot of private companies have already started investing, developing and utilizing UAVs for practical usage.
  • Military departments of the United States and other European countries have been deploying drones for training, surveillance, and spying for a long time.
  • Different types of drones have been developed for multiple-purposes usage. For example, rotor drones can help in the fertilization process of the crops and monitor their conditions simultaneously.
  • Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo, and other such companies are considering the use of drones for delivering shipments, food, medicines, etc.

Important things to remember:

1. Do Not Blindly Follow Hot Tips

No matter how credible the source is, never follow a stock marketing tip blindly without conducting thorough research personally. Always select the stocks after doing proper research and analysis on the performance as well as the companies. While some tips can work out to give you huge benefits, the wrong ones can push you down under the risk pretty quickly. 

2. Eliminate Loser Stocks from Portfolio 

There is absolutely no guarantee that a stock will rise after a great fall. Know that it is extremely important to be practical about what is possible and what's impossible in the stock market. So, upon realizing that a stock is performing poorly in your portfolio, accept your mistake and sell it immediately to prevent further losses. 

3. Don't Exceed Your Investment Budget Abruptly 

While it's true that long-term investments are way better than other forms of investment, you shouldn't exceed your investment budget in a haste. Instead, decide on a fixed amount and invest it across various good stocks. Rather than investing in only one stock, divide your budget evenly across multiple good-performing stocks and shares. 

Disclaimer: The securities quoted are exemplary and not recommendatory. Past performance is not indicative of future returns

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