Transfer of Your US Stocks to INDmoney

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Transfer of Your US Stocks to INDmoney

Are you considering moving your US inventory investments to INDmoney?

Whether you are a pro-investor or new to the sector of US shares, INDmoney offers a streamlined method to make your switch as handy as possible. 

This manual outlines the steps to transfer your shares from any other broker to INDmoney, making sure of a hassle-free transition.


For Alpaca Account Holders at INDmoney

If you have an existing US shares account with some other platform and desire to move to INDmoney, the technique is easy. INDmoney uses the ACAT (Automated Customer Account Transfer) device for a clean switch.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. ACAT Form Completion: INDmoney will offer an ACAT form. Simply signal it and connect your contemporary account statement.
  2. Submission: Reply to the email from INDmoney or share the signed ACAT form and declaration to
  3. Relax and Let INDmoney Handle the Rest: INDmoney will initiate the switch from your previous broker. We shall notify you once the transfer is complete. 

Benefits of Choosing INDmoney: 

  • Zero-Dollar Withdrawals: With INDmoney, you can enjoy the benefit of zero-dollar withdrawal fees, ensuring that you can access your funds without any extra charges.
  • User-Friendly Platform: INDmoney gives a smooth and stable way to spend money on US shares. WIth real time price alerts, INDstories be on top of your invested stocks always!
  • Cost-Efficiency: Enjoy aggressive fees and capacity cashback given to your first deposit.
  • No Capital Gains Tax Implications: Transferring agents doesn’t cause capital gains tax. However, make sure you have got all transaction info for tax submitting purposes.
  • No Maintenance Fee: INDmoney offers a no maintenance fee feature, which means you won't incur any charges for keeping your account, allowing for cost-effective investment management.
  • Fast Remittance: Experience fast remittance with INDmoney, ensuring quick and efficient access to your funds.
  • Competitive Exchange Rates: INDmoney provides competitive exchange rates, offering you more dollars for your rupees, thereby maximizing the value of your currency exchange.

These features highlight INDmoney's commitment to offering a user-friendly and cost-effective platform for managing US equity stocks.

Please Note: 

  • A transfer charge of $100 is relevant (charged by your original broker). Kindly ensure your wallet maintained with the broker has $100 for a smooth transition. 
  • Only full shares are transferred by the brokers. Kindly ensure your fractional shares(other than full shares) are fully redeemed.
  • The ACATS transfer process takes about 10-14 working days.

General Information for All Transfers:

No Capital Gains Tax Implications: Transferring your stocks does not incur capital profits tax as it's no longer a sale but a dealer transfer. However, it is vital to maintain data of all transactions for tax functions for filing your next ITR as you would be required to furnish the transaction dates basis your account statements

In conclusion, moving your US stocks to INDmoney is a decision that gives ease, performance, and superior management of your investments. With clean steps, aggressive charges, and a team prepared to assist you, INDmoney stands as a robust platform for your US investment adventure. Start your switch these days and experience the ease and benefits INDmoney has to provide.