How have US ETFs performed? How much SVB exposure do ETFs have? Let’s take a look!

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ETF exposure to SVB, Signature Bank and regional banks

A number of exchange traded funds suffered sharp falls for the third consecutive session on Monday, March 14 as the spillover effects from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank spread across equity markets.

The shutdown of these two banks has adversely affected banking stock prices in the US and across the globe and along with its most ETFs having banking exposure have also taken a hit.

Top ETFs having exposure to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB):

TickerFund Name% allocation to SVBValue of allocation
BPAYBlackRock Future Financial & Technology ETF2.3%$84.7k
KRESPDR Regional Banking ETF1.7%$22 million
KBESPDR S&P Bank ETF1.4%$10 million
VFHVanguard Financials ETF0.4%$33 million
VOEVanguard mid-cap growth ETF0.3%$29 million


Many regional banks in the US such as Western Alliance, First Republic Bank and PacWest and international banks like Wells Fargo and JP Morgan’s share prices all dropped after regulators shut down SVB operations.

ETFs with US regional bank exposure and their top holdings:

TickerFund NameTop Holdings
IATiShares US Regional Banks ETFUS Bancorp, PNC, Truist
KRESPDR S&P Regional Banking ETFSVB, Western Alliance, East West Bancorp
KBWBInvesco KBW Bank ETFCiti, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo
IEFNiShares Evolved US financials ETFBank of America, JP Morgan
DPSTDirexion Daily Regional Banks Bull 3x SharesSVB, Western Alliance, East West Bancorp

Source: Refintiv, data as on Feb 2023.

Top ETFs having exposure to Signature Bank:

TickerName% exposure
GFOFGrayscale Future of Finance ETF6.2%
CRPTFirst Trust SkyBridge Crypto Industry and Digital Economy ETF3.8%
KOINCapital Link Global Fintech Leaders ETF2.3%
STCESchwab Crypto Thematic ETF1.9%

Source:VettaFi, data as on Jan 31, 2023.

Top US banking ETF's share performance:

TickerFund Name1-week share performance
KBWRInvesco KBW Regional Banking ETF-7%
VFHVanguard Financials ETF-4%
IATiShares US Regional Banks ETF-14%
KRESPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF-12%

Source: Refinitiv, data as on Mar 13, 2023.

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