GameStop Stock Split: What should investors do?

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GameStop stock split

GameStop 4:1 Stock split:

  • GameStop stock jumped after it announced to split its stock in 4:1 ratio on July 18.
  • GameStop is splitting its stock to make it more affordable for the retail investors.
  • Therefore, the shareholders will receive a stock dividend of three additional shares on July 21.
  • Amazon recently split its stock in 20:1 in May, Shopify in 10:1 in June and Google to split its stock in 20:1 on July 15

What should investors do?

  • Investors will end up with 3 additional shares, however, the price of each stock will also fall to reflect the post-split value.
  • The stock split doesn’t change any business prospects or future earnings. This will just make the stock more accessible to the investors.
  • Analysts feel that this split is just a distraction as NFT market is dead, and that was the last thing GameStop did to get people excited. 

Analysts view on overall Gaming industry

  • As per analysts, Video game sales are set to decline annually for the first time in years.
  • The games and services market is forecast to contract 1.2% on-year to $188 billion in 2022.
  • Russia Ukraine war along with supply chain bottlenecks and rising inflation worsened the current outlook for the gaming industry.
  • However, the outlook for 2023 remains positive, with sales expected hit $195 billion mark.
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