US Stocks FAQs


Can Indians invest in the US stock market?

How Can Indians Invest in the US Stock market?

How to invest in US stocks from India?

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Get Started

What is the price for opening a US stocks account?

What are the prerequisites for opening a US stock account?

What are the documents required to invest in US stocks?

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US Stocks 2-in-1 Account

What is INDmoney 2-in-1 US stocks Account

How can I open an INDmoney 2-in-1 US Stocks account?

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for this account?

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US Stocks Trading

What is the process for trading US stocks?

What are fractional shares?

How can I place a large order? Example : I want to buy shares more than $100000

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Can I invest in IPOs in the US market?

Why invest in US IPOs?

How to invest in the US IPOs?

Fees, Charges & Repatriation

What are the charges for trading in US stocks?

What are the charges to withdraw funds from my US stock account?

What is the ACH (Automated Clearing House) method of withdrawing funds?

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US stocks Taxation

How are US stocks taxed?/ How are capital gains on the sale of U.S. stocks taxed?

How are dividends from U.S. stocks taxed?

What is 5% Tax Collected at Source (TCS) on my fund transfers abroad?

Trust and safety

Who regulates the US stocks?

Who is Drivewealth?

How safe is my money?

We are a SEBI registered investement advisor