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Earnings per share (EPS) Estimates

Earnings per share (EPS) estimates of the Gold Fields Ltd. post its latest quarter earnings

EPS Estimate Current Quarter
EPS Estimate Current Year


EPS Estimate Current Quarter:

Gold Fields Ltd.’s earning per share (EPS) estimates for the current quarter stand at 0.22 - a -8.33% fall from last quarter’s estimates.

EPS Estimate Current Year:

Gold Fields Ltd.’s earning per share (EPS) estimates for the current year stand at 0.22.

Key Ratios

Key ratios of the Gold Fields Ltd. post its Q4 2022 earnings

Earning Per Share (EPS)


Earning Per Share (EPS):

Gold Fields Ltd.’s earning per share (EPS) fell -100% since last year same period to 0 in the Q4 2022. This indicates that the Gold Fields Ltd. has generated -100% annual rate of fall in its earning per share (EPS) in the last 4 quarters.

Earnings Calendar

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Company Information

Gold Fields Limited is one of the worlds largest gold mining firms. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, the company is listed on both the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.

Gold Fields Ltd.
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