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Company Information

Viji Finance Ltd was incorporated in October 12th 1994. The Company operates only in one segment i.e. Finance services. The Company has two wholly owned Subsidiaries i.e. S.L. Developers Private Limited and Viji Housing Finance Limited as on 31 March 2019.A project of new Pouring Station for feeding Hot metal at north end of SMS2 along with pretreatment facility and additional Slab Caster no 5 to enhance shop productivity and casting capacity was commissioned during FY 201617. It possesses slitting line1 5000T/ month part of ACL Service Centre. In FY 201617 a pipe conveyor system with 3500 tons per hour haulage capacity for transporting iron ore from the yard near the mines to the Vijayanagar plant is being set up with a capacity of 20 MTPA.JSW Bengal Steels Salboni project was planned to set up 10 MTPA capacity steel plants in phases during FY 201617. During the year a part of consolidation process Barbil Beneficiation Company Limited and Barbil Iron Ore Company Limited were liquidated during the year 201617.In August 2016 the Company acquired the entire shareholding of 74 of Praxair India Private Limited in JSW Praxair Oxygen Private Limited JPOPL for a cash consideration of Rs. 240 crores pursuant to an approval by its Board of Directors. As a result JPOPL has now become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. The name of the entity has been changed to JSW Industrial Gases Private Limited JIGPL with effect from 30th September 2016. The company sources Oxygen Nitrogen and Argon gases from JIGPL for its Vijayanagar Plant.The Company had 42 direct and indirect subsidiaries 11 Joint Ventures as on March 31 2017. During the year 2017 three subsidiary companies were acquired/ formed.During the year 2017 JSW Steel East Africa Limited JSW Steel Service Centre UK Limited JSW Steel Holdings USA Inc. Periama Holdings LLC West Virginia Barbil Beneficiations Company Limited and Barbil Iron ore Company Limited ceased to be subsidiary of the Company.As a part of the consolidation process JSW Steel Service Centre UK Limited was dissolved on 18th October 2016. During the year 201617 the Company had acquired 35 stake in Accitalia S.p.A.As a part of consolidation process the companys subsidiary JSW Steel East Africa Limited was dissolved on April 8 2016.In FY201617 JSW Natural Resources Limited formed a wholly owned subsidiary JSW Natural Resources Mozambique Lda in Mozambique. This initiative was taken to acquire coal assets and engage in prospecting and exploring coal iron ore and manganese. JSW Natural Resources Mozambique Lda completed the exploration activities in Mutara District of Tete Province and is in the process of obtaining necessary approvals for lease of certain mining assets.During the year 201617 the company formed a new subsidiary JSW Steel Italy S.r.l. in Italy through its wholly owned subsidiary JSW Steel Netherlands B.V. The company has been formed mainly for trading in steel and steel related products primarily to cater the European market.During FY 201617 the Company had entered into three separate JV agreements for the development of Rohne Coal Block Gopal Prasad West and Utkal A Coal Block and Gourangdih Coal Block. While the coal blocks were under development the Honble Supreme Court of India cancelled allocation of coal blocks by the Government of India to state and private sectors. Consequently the allocation of coal blocks to these three JVs stood cancelled. Subsequently the Government of India promulgated the Coal Mines Special Provision Act 2015. As per the provisions of Act the investment made in the block by prior allottee to the extent permitted under said provisions will be reimbursed by successful bidder of coal block. The Company has made an assessment of recoverable amounts of investments and other assets impacted by the said order.FY 201617 was of strategic collaboration between Company and JFE Steel Corporation. During this year the Strategic Technical collaboration with JFE Steel added significant value to the Company both in terms of products and services. With JFES technical help the Company has been able to develop a wide range of Steels for Critical Auto End use applications such as outer body panels Bumper beams and other crash resistance parts with strength levels upto 980 mPA. This enabled the Company to become a preferred steel supplier with all auto majors in the country as they embarked in their localization program for sourcing of steel. The Electrical Steel products from JSW have seen a remarkable ramp up both in production and sales in FY 201617. With the support of JFEs technology and partnership the Company has been able to make tremendous inroads with customers on a pan India level. These initiatives have resulted the Company in becoming a leading source of Electrical Steel in India.Pursuant to approval of the members accorded by way of a Postal Ballot on 17 December 2016 the Equity Shares of the Company having a face value of Rs. 10/ each were subdivided into 10 Equity Shares having a face value of Rs. 1/ each. Accordingly 241722044 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10 each were subdivided into 2417220440 equity shares of face value of Rs. 1 each.In April 2017 the Company allotted 2500 5.25 Fixed Rate Senior Unsecured Notes of USD 200000 each of the Company due 2022 aggregating to USD 500 million to eligible investors. These Bonds issued by the Company in the International Market are also listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited the SGXST.Being considered material in terms of Securities and Exchange Board of India Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements regulations 2015 approval of shareholders was obtained by way of a Postal ballot on 17th December 2016 for related party transactions with JSW International Tradecorp Pte Limited for an aggregate value of USD 7480 million over a period of 36 months starting from 1st April 2016 for procuring iron ore coking coal coke and other raw materials during FY 201617.The Board of Directors in their Board meeting held on 08th August 2017 allotted 7500000 fully paidup Equity Shares of Re. 1/ each by way of Bonus issue in the proportion of 1 equity share of Re.1/ each for every 10 fully paidup equity shares of Re. 1/ each.The Company had received unsecured loan amounting Rs. 25622047/ from Vijay Kothari Managing Director of the Company during financial year ended 31st March 2019. The Company made provision of Rs. 1405000/ for Nonperforming Assets as on 31st March 2019.
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