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Company Information

Macmillan India Ltd is a global provider of high quality publishing related products and services. The company engaged in publishing information processing and ebusiness. Their products and services cover the entire authortoreader publishing process and benefit from over a century of publishing experience.The Publishing business includes printing publishing selling of books and online learning. The Information processing business includes all information technologyenabled products such as typesetting and digitized data capture. The eBusiness includes Website development and business process outsourcing activities.The company publishes a range of books for schools colleges individual buyers corporates and academic books for reference and research. The Companys titles include books like Nesfields Grammar Hall Knight and Loneys Mathematics books. Also included in their list are a range of dictionaries and encyclopedias. They run two Webbased portals one on English Language Teaching and the other on Executive Development Programmes on important and emerging management areas.Macmillan India Ltd a part of the Macmillan group of companies was incorporated in the year 1970. In the year 1976 the company started their 100 Export Oriented Unit. In December 1999 the company acquired space in central Bangalore and shifted their export operations to a new building with top class facilities and working environment. In February 9 2000 the company inaugurated a new division namely Information Processing Division and was registered as a 100 EOU with the Cochin Export Processing Zone. In January 2002 the shares of the company were listed with Nation Stock Exchange and The Stock Exchange Mumbai.In the year 2002 Scientific Data Bank Services Pvt Ltd Scientific Books Madras Pvt Ltd Scientific Books Bombay Pvt Ltd Scientific Books Calcutta Pvt Ltd and Scientific Books Delhi Pvt Ltd were amalgamated with the company with effect from April 1 2002. In the year 2004 the company formed a new subsidiary namely MPS Technology Ltd. Also the company launched a new venture namely International Assessments for Indian Schools a project offering educational testing and evaluation services to schools.In the year 2005 Brigade Marketing Company Ltd was amalgamated with the company. The company acquired 100 stake in Charon Tec Ltd with effect from June 10 2005 to position the company as one of the major suppliers for book typesetting services for overseas publishers. In the year 2006 the company acquired 100 stake in ICC Macmillan USA to enlarge their scope of business in the book business particularly in USA. Consequently ICC Macmillan USA and their wholly owned subsidiary ICC India Pvt Ltd became the wholly owned subsidiaries of the company. In June 15 2006 the company formed 100 subsidiary company namely Macmillan ICC Publishing Solutions Pvt Ltd to diversify the electronic typesetting business. In the year 2007 the company acquired 80 of the share capital of Frank Brothers Company Publishers Ltd for a consideration of Rs 3287 lakh and thus Frank Brothers Company Publishers Ltd became a subsidiary of the company. With this the company became a leader in school publishing. In the year 2008 MacmillanICC Publishing Solutions Pvt Ltd MIPS and Charon Tec Ltd were amalgamated with the company. Also the company demerged the domestic publishing business of the company and transferred it to an unlisted company namely Macmillan Publishers India Ltd with effect from May 12 2008. Thus the company now solely comprises of the publishing services business which is a 100 export oriented activity.During the year the companys subsidiary ICC Macmillan Inc USA acquired the assets of Compset Inc a fullservice graphics and composition firm with developmental and production expertise in elementaryhigh school textbooks higher education medical reference books academic and university titles trade books and professional journals. Also ICC Macmillan Inc USA formed a new subsidiary namely MPS Mobile Inc USA to take over the Mobile content delivery business. The company purchased the fulfillment services namely web access controls and real time integration business which was carried on by their wholly owned subsidiary MPS Technologies Ltd with effect from April 1 2008. Also the company opened a new branch namely MPS North America in USA to focus on the sales and marketing activities in that region.The company won the Top Export Award for 200708 from CAPEXIL for the highest exports in their category of products for the twentysixth year in succession. In October 9 2008 the processes of the companys fulfillment and subscription management division became ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified by AFN OR Certification.In February 2009 the company established a large new facility in Noida SEZ. In June 2009 they inaugurated a new state of the art facility in Chennai. The new unit brings together MPSs previously dispersed typesetting editorial and digital conversion services in Chennai into a single location. Also the company changed their name from Macmillan India Ltd to MPS Ltd with effect from June 25 2009.
OrganisationMPS Ltd
IndustryMedia - Print/Television/Radio