Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd
Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd (JUBLINGREA)

Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd (JUBLINGREA)


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1 Month Return-11.73 %
3 Month Return10.62 %
1 Year Return-33.72 %

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Rank 118
Rank 69
Rank 107
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Rank 170
Rank 323
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Rank 174
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Rank 185

Company Information

Jubilant Ingrevia Limited is a public limited company incorporated on 23 October 2019 under provisions of Companies Act 2013 in Uttar Pradesh. The name of Company was changed from its initial name of Jubilant LSI Limited to Jubilant Ingrevia Limited through Certificate of Incorporation w.e.f. 16 October 2020. The shares of the company were listed on BSE and NSE Limited effective from 19 March 2021. The Company is a global integrated life science products and innovative solutions provider serving pharmaceutical nutrition agrochemical consumer and industrial customers with its customised products and solutions that are innovative cost effective and conforming to premium quality standards. It is engaged in manufacturing and supply of speciality intermediates nutrition health solutions and life science chemicals through five manufacturing facilities in India. It offers broad portfolio of high quality ingredient that find application in a wide range of industries. It serves more than 1400 customers in more than 60 countries across the world. The portfolio of the company is extended to custom research and manufacturing for pharmaceutical and agrochemical customers. The Board of Directors of Company in their meeting held on 24 October 2019 had approved the Composite Scheme of Arrangement for amalgamation of certain promoter controlled entities into Jubilant Pharmova Limited JPM the Demerged Company and demerger of Life Science Ingredients business into the Company which was subsequently filed with National Company Law Tribunal NCLT. The Composite Scheme was approved by Honourable NCLT Allahabad Bench vide its order dated 23 December 2020. The Said NCLT Order was filed with the Registrar of Companies ROC by the Company and the Demerged Company on 01 February 2021 thereby making Composite Scheme effective. In terms of Composite Scheme all assets and liabilities of LSI business of the Demerged Company were transferred and vested into the Company on 1 February 2021 being the Demerger Appointed Date. Accounting of transfer of LSI business as per approved Composite Scheme were as follows: 1 The assets and liabilities pertaining to the LSI business transferred to and vested in the Company pursuant to the Composite Scheme are recorded at their respective carrying values as appearing in books of the Demerged Company.2 The Company issued 159281139 fully paidup equity shares of Re 1/ each to shareholders of the Demerged Company for every one fully paidup equity share of Re 1 each held by them in the Demerged Company for consideration other than cash. 3 The predemerger shareholding of Demerged Company in the Company comprising of 500000 fully paidup equity shares of Re 1/ each was cancelled.4 The share capital account has been credited with aggregate face value of shares issued to shareholders pursuant to Composite Scheme and difference has been accounted in appropriate reserves within Other equity.Pursuant to Composite Scheme of Arrangement five subsidiary companies of Jubilant Pharmova Limited namely Jubilant Infrastructure Limited Jubilant Life Sciences USA Inc. Jubilant Life Sciences International Pte. Limited Jubilant Life Sciences Shanghai Limited and Jubilant Life Sciences NV became subsidiaries of the Company effective from February 1 2021.Demerger of the LSI business of Jubilant Pharmova Limited pursuant to the Scheme became effective from February 1 2021. Consequently the LSI business has been demerged into the Company.As on Demerger Record date i.e. on 05 February 2021 the Investors Education and Protection Fund IEPF Authority was holding 1979743 equity shares of Jubilant Pharmova Limited the demerged company. Accordingly IEPF Authority was allotted 1979743 equity shares of the Company.On 2 June 2021 Jubilant Crop Protection Limited Company was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of the company with a paidup capital of Rs 1 lakh to carry on the business in manufacturing of Pesticides/plant protection chemicals.During the year 2021 Jubilant Ingrevia has acquired 2657 0.01 Convertible Preference Shares CPS of Rs 10/ each of Mister Veg Foods Private Limited India MVFPL for a consideration of Rs 21.64 million representing potential 20.99 shareholding in MVFPL once converted. CPS are convertible into equity Shares of MVFPL at a defined conversion ratio as per the terms of the underlying contract. In FY 2022 the company is planning to expand the product portfolio of alcohols and forward integrate anhydride into a basket of valueadded products to cater the need of existing and new customers as well.
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