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Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd (DUCON)

Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd (DUCON)


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Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd was incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 as a Public Limited Company on April 2 2009. The company is mainly engaged into the businesses of engineering procurement and construction EPC. It is a leading manufacturer of Fluegas desulfurization FGD systems in India. Fluegas desulfurization FGD is a set of technologies used to remove sulfur dioxide SO2 from the exhaust flue gases of fossilfuel power plants and from the emissions of other sulfur oxide emitting processes. This process is carried out during combustion in fossil fuel power plants such as coal and oil red combustion units. When coal or oil is burned to produce energy about 95 or more of the sulfur is generally converted to sulfur dioxide SO2 under standard temperature conditions. FGD can be characterized into wet spray dry scrubbing wet sulfuric acid process SNOX flue gas desulfurization and dry sorbent injection system based on methods of desulfurization. Most FGD systems employ two stages: one for fly ash removal and the other for SO2 removal. In wet scrubbing systems the flue gas normally passes first through a fly ash removal device either an electrostatic precipitator or baghouse and then into the SO2absorber. However in dry injection or spray drying operations the SO2 is first reacted with the lime and then the flue gas passes through a particulate control device. Another important design consideration associated with wet FGD systems is that the flue gas exiting the absorber is saturated with water and still contains some SO2. These gases are highly corrosive to downstream equipment such as fans ducts and stacks. Application segments of flue gas desulfurization market include new FGD systems and reagents replacements.Some of the major companies in global flue gas desulfurization market include Alstom S.A. Babcock Wilcox Siemens Energy Thermax Ducon Technologies Inc. Hamon ResearchCottrell Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Marsulex Environmental Technologies. Other companies include China Boqi Chiyoda Corporation Hitachi Power Systems America Ltd. Marsulex Environmental Technologies and Lonjing Environment Technology Co. Ltd.Globally Ducon has supplied wet FGD systems on over 20000 MW of combined power plant capacity. Ducon FGD systems can achieve over 99 sulfur dioxide removal eciency. Ducon Flue Gas Desulfurization systems can also recover up to 90 of oxidized mercury in the flue gas. It can select a packed tower a spray tower or a VentriRod Absorber VRA a proprietary Environeering unit for the wet FGD application. For Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization systems Ducon uses its proprietary twofluid nozzle DRX25 to atomize feed slurry in the spray reactor. It can also provide a Circulating Reactor Dry FGD System suitable for applications of upto 3 sulfur coal and by utilizing dry lime it can provide upto 97 SO2 removal eciency. Ducon works with reputable vendors to provide GastoGas heat exchangers fans controls and reagent handling feeding systems. It has the capability to provide a complete global turnkey installations including euent treatment systems. Ducon has the capability and technology to design the most ecient dense phase conveying system with capacity as high as 300 TPH and conveying distance in excess of 1500m.With many firsts in its stride the company is rightly regarded as the pioneers of FGD in India. The company has installed Indias first Sea water FGD system with 100 of ue gas for 2 X 250 MW DahanuTermal Power Station for Reliance Energy Ltd. This unit consistently ranks among the cleanest as well as the most reliable power generating station in India. This project also disproved the notion that energy production and environmental protection are mutually exclusive. Ducon is also credited with providing Indias rst Wet limestone FGD system on coal red power plant with production of salable Gypsum for 2 x 600 MW Udupi Thermal Power Station Karnataka. Today this unit has become benchmark installation for those desirous of installing FGD systems in India. Indias first ever Dual Alkali Scrubber for Sterlite Copper Toothukudi Tamilnadu and FGD system for Glass Furnace at Saint Gobain Glass Sriperumbudur Tamilnadu is provided by the company respectively.Ducon with its technology specializes in the design supply installation of complete turnkey facilities for Bulk Material Handlingand Pneumatic Conveying Systems. It supplies systems to unload store reclaim weigh and sometimes process materials of all kinds of Power Cement Steel Alumina Chemical and Petrochemical industries.The company oers pressure pneumatic conveying system for conveying of various powdery material like Cement Clinker dust Sand Coal Alumina Bentonite Fly ash etc. DUPUMP systems can operate at higher air to solid rations and it has many advantages like positive pressure system low velocity less erosion of pipes and bends. DUSLIDE Conveyors are used to convey the material from one point to another via air. It is ideal for materials such as Fly Ash Cement Hydrated Lime Alumina Barites and Flour etc. The aeration of the material causes it to act like a uid and gently slide along the gradual slope of the slide.The company provides material extraction systems for at button and conical bottom silos for using reverse udized cones and opentopslideconveyors. The centre cone is udized constantly whereas the radial side conveyors on silo bottom are operated sequentially for systematic extraction of material from silo. Today as an EPC company Ducon has executed multiple Dry Bulk Material Handling systems over the last one decade. The company is also credited with First ever Pipe Conveyor in Aluminium Industry at Hindalco Industries Limited Mahan Aluminium Singrauli Madhya Pradesh and Aditya Aluminium Lapanga Orissa.In December 2014 Ministry of Power launched the Deen Dayal Gram Jyoti Yojana DDUGJY which subsumed RGGVY. The main object of the scheme was to ensure 100 rural electrication on targeted manner. It also involved improving subtransmission and distribution infrastructure in rural areas. In 2015 the Central Government launched the Integrated Power Distribution Scheme IPDS with the objective to provide 24/7 power for all. One of the flagship programmes of the Ministry of Power IPDS aims at strengthening of subtransmission network and also the metering IT application Customer care services and the completion of the ongoing works of Restructured Accelerated Power Development and completion of the Reforms Program RAPDRP. During the financial year 202021 the Company had allotted 57000000 Equity shares of face value Re. 1/ each at an issue price of Rs. 5/ each including a premium of Rs. 4/ each and 59634400 Warrants convertible into Equity Shares of face value Re. 1/ each at an issue price of Rs. 5/ each including a premium of Rs. 4/ each to Mr. Arun Govil Managing Director and Promoter of the Company on preferential basis on 1st February 2021 by way of conversion of outstanding unsecured loan. The company had also allotted 15000000 Equity Shares of face value Re. 1/ each at an issue price of Rs. 5/ each including a premium of Rs. 4/ each to Mr. Atul Kumar falling under public category on preferential basis on 1st February 2021 by way of conversion of outstanding unsecured loan.The new Saubhagya Scheme Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana seeks to ensure universal household electrication is in both rural and urban areas. Under this scheme the identied poor households will get free electricity connections.The company is presently executing Rural Electrication under DDUGJY scheme and Urban Electrication under IPDS scheme. This is the new segment which Ducon has diversied into. The projects involve Construction of new 33 / 11KVA substations Augmentation of 33/11KVA substations New 33 KV lines New 11 KV lines Metering etc. The company plans to expand the volume of this segment in future.
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