Mini Save

Spend. Save. Invest

mini save

How it works?


Auto track expense throughout the day


Automatically round up your spare change to nearest ₹10


Your mini saving are collected during the day and stored in savings pot


Earn savings bank interest rate while you collect.


Once your saving reaches ₹1000 it is auto invested in US stocks.


Free bonus ₹100 on your first set up.

mini save


About Mini Save

What is Mini Save?

Why Mini Save?

Is everything automated?

Set-up Mini Save

How do I setup Mini Save?

How are my expenses tracked?

How can I setup AutoPay mandate?

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Explore Mini Save

Can I change the stock I’m investing into?

How does INDmoney round-up my money?

Can I invest in other instruments apart from US Stocks?

Mini Save Expenses Tracking

My expenses are not getting tracked

How do I identify if my expenses are tracked through SMS or Account Aggregator?

All my expenses are not getting tracked

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Mini Save Daily Payments

My daily savings have not been deducted

My daily savings are failing

What is the maximum amount that can be saved?

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Mini Save Investments

Which stocks can I invest in?

How long will it take for the investment to be completed?

My investment has failed

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I did not receive my bonus on Mini Save.

What is round-off to nearest ₹20?