Overview (Last traded on NA)

Current YTM


Coupon rate


Face value

₹10 Lac

Issue date

05 Feb, 2018

Maturity date

05 Feb, 2026

Payment term


Key Metrics

Nature of bond


Coupon structure


Bond issue size


Time till maturity

4y 11m 12d

Call & Put Details

Call description

Any time after the expiry of 3 years 9 months from date of allotment 5/11/21 and thereafter

Put description

Any time after the expiry of 3 years 9 months from date of allotment 5/11/21 and thereafter

Similar Bonds

Ecl Finance Ltd 10.4%

Last traded on 22 Feb, 2021

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Face Value


Time till maturity

3 yr 2 mo

Credit Rating


Edelweiss Housing Finance Ltd

Last traded on 19 Feb, 2021

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Face Value


Time till maturity

4 mo

Credit Rating


Parent company details

Parent Company Name

Atc Telecom Infrastructure Private Limited

Total bonds issued by company

1 bond

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