US Share Market Today: Nasdaq ends 1% up as tech stocks rally; check top gainers and losers

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Share Market Today In The US

US Stocks ended higher in a late-day rally as bond yields trended lower, and investors continued to weigh recession risks. The Dow Jones rose 0.64% to 30,677.36. The S&P 500 gained 0.95% to 3,795.73. The Nasdaq Composite rose 1.62% to 11,232.19. Tech stocks gained as bond yields trended lower. 

Top Gainers and Losers in US Stock Market Today

ARK Genomic Revolution ETF rose 3%: ARK Genomic Revolution ETF gained as underlying stocks Teladoc, Exact, Pacific Bio jumped following the rally in pharma stocks.

ARK Innovation ETF jumped 2%: ARK Innovation ETF extended gains following the rally in underlying growth stocks of Roku, Teladoc, and Zoom.

Coinbase crashed 10%: Coinbase crashed after competitor Binance dropped bitcoin trading fees amid drying crypto trading volumes.

Direxion Semiconductor ETF lost 3%: Direxion Semiconductor ETF fell sharply following the decline in the semiconductor stocks - Nvidia, AMD and Intel.

DocuSign jumped 4%: DocuSign shares jumped as the CEO Dan Springer stepped down.

Invesco Nasdaq 100 ETF ended flat: Invesco Nasdaq 100 ETF ended flat tracking the flattish movement in Tech heavy Nasdaq index post yesterday's sharp rally.

Invesco QQQ ETF ended flat: Invesco QQQ ETF ended flat tracking the flattish movement in Tech heavy Nasdaq index post yesterday's sharp rally.

Meta fell 1%: Meta (Facebook) extended fall over news of delaying income from Metaverse creators to 2024, altering Ad Technology in settlement with the US Govt.

Netflix jumped 5%: Netflix gained over market rumors of tie-up with NBCUniversal, Google being top contenders for ad-supported subscription plan.

Nu gained 2%: Nu shares extended gains over technically positive view by analysts - stock up 15% in last 5 days.

NVIDIA fell 1%: NVIDIA ended lower, witnessing profitbooking following yesterday's sharp gains, in a flat day for the broad US market.

ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF fell 4%: ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF fell following the decline in Bitcoin prices.

ProShares Semiconductors ETF fell 2%: ProShares Semiconductors ETF witnessed profitbooking following yesterday's rally in semiconductor stocks prices.

Rivian fell 2%:  Rivian witnessed profit-booking post yesterday's sharp gains due to bullish sector outlook by Morgan Stanley.

Roblox gained 5%: Roblox shares extended gains over technically positive view by analysts - stock up 21% in last 5 days.

Twilio jumped 4%: Twilio extended gains, up 6% in the last 5-days over Scotiabank's outperform rating and $215 price target for the long term.

UiPath rose 2%: UiPath shares gained as analysts maintained a positive outlook, stock still down 55% since the start of year 2022.

Unity Software ended 5% higher: Unity Software shares extended gains amid short-covering in tech, growth stocks, share up 14% in last 5-days.

Upstart lost 6%: Upstart witnessed profit-booking after rallying 8% in last 5-days, growth concern remains amid weak business guidance.

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