PayPal Q1 Earnings: Will weak margin forecasts pull PayPal stock lower?

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PayPal Q1 Results

PayPal share prices dropped about 5% in pre-market trading on May 9 2023, as weak operating margin forecasts for the upcoming quarters negatively affected investor sentiments.

Analysts believe that a high interest rate environment coupled with mass layoffs and recession fears together have discouraged investors from making high ticket expenses, which in turn is affecting margins for such players.  

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PayPal Q1 Results: Highlights

  • PayPal cut its outlook for annual operating margin, overshadowing its profit forecast raise.
  • PayPal expects income margins to expand 100 basis points this year against earlier forecast of a 125-basis-point growth.
  • PayPal reported a profit of $795 million in Q1FY23, compared to a profit of $509 million in the corresponding quarter last year. 
  • PayPal did not declare any dividend during the quarter.
  • PayPal expects net revenues to grow ~6.5%-7% in the upcoming quarter. 

PayPal Q1 Results: Share Price Performance

PayPal share price performance0.8%1.4%-5%-5%

(Data as on May 8, 2023)

PayPal Q1 Results: Revenue Performance 

PayPal reported a near 8% jump in quarterly revenues for the Jan to March 2023 period and the company also expects revenues to gain  approximately between 6.5%-7% for the upcoming quarter ending June 2023. 

 Q1FY23Q1FY22% change
Total Income$7 billion$6.5 billion7.7%

PayPal Q1 Results: Net Profit

 Q1FY23Q1FY22% change
Net Profit$795 million$509 million56%

PayPal's net profit soared about 56% on account of strong revenue gains and comparatively subdued expenses growth. The company's operating expenses amounted to $6 billion, compared to $5.7 billion in the corresponding quarter last year. 

PayPal Q1 Results: Analyst View

  • Renowned brokerage Jefferies cut down its share price target to $75 from $80.
  • Piper Sandler marginally raised its share price target to $83 from $82.
  • Susquehanna cut down its share price target to $78 from $80. 

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