Upcoming IPOs in August: Ola, Oyo Rooms, BoAt and NSE among others that might launch IPO

Upcoming IPOs in August

Upcoming IPOs in August

It has not been an exciting year for investors who look forward to IPOs. Last year, we had 65 IPOs, but this year the count till now has been only 15. 

In the last two months, there has not been a single IPO. There are multiple reasons for it - the geopolitical tension, volatility in the equity market, and the recession fear. However, the outlook is now getting positive, and we can expect many IPOs in the remaining months of 2022. In August, we already have a confirmed IPO, and many more companies may come with an IPO in August.

A Tentative List of IPOs in August 2022

Company Name IPO Size (Rs cr)Upcoming IPO Date
Syrma SGS Technology Limited84012 August 2022
National Stock Exchange~10,0002022
Oyo Rooms8,4302022
Bajaj Energy5.0002022
VLCC Healthcare9002022
Go Airlines3,6002022

Upcoming IPOs in August 2022

Syrma SGS Technology Limited IPO: It is an engineering and design company with a primary focus on electronics manufacturing services (EMS). They provide integrated solutions and services to original equipment manufacturers. The IPO will open for subscription on 12 August with an issue size of Rs 840 crore, which includes Rs 766 crore in fresh issues, and the remaining is an Offer for Sale by existing investors.

National Stock Exchange IPO: Every investor knows about this company as it is one of two popular stock exchanges in India. The company has received approvals from SEBI to go ahead with its IPO. However, the company had delayed the IPO due to negative news about its former CEO. Now, the situation is looking better, and the company may come with its IPO in August.

Go Airlines IPO: Go Airlines (also known as Go First) is a low-cost airline incorporated in 2004. It is part of Wadia Group (one of the oldest business groups in India). The company has received approval from market regulators to go live with its IPO. Investors may expect its IPO in August or later in 2022. The IPO issue size for Go Airlines will be Rs 3600. As per the information available, it will only have a fresh issue and no Offer for Sale.

OYO Rooms IPO: One of the popular startups from India is looking to come with its IPO to expand its business further. OYO Rooms plans to come up with an IPO of size Rs 8340 crore in August. Given the problem around startup listing - share price falling, OYO is looking to work on the numbers before coming with its IPO. As per reports, it will lower its valuation and come with a smaller IPO than the earlier plan.

OLA cabs IPO: There was news recently that OLA and Uber are going to merge. However, the CEO has said that Ola is doing good, and there is no plan for any merger or acquisitions. With this news, investors can expect an Ola IPO shortly. The company will raise somewhere between $1 billion and $2 billion through its IPO. The positive news for investors looking to invest in the company is that the company has become profitable now.

Boat IPO: It was already a successful brand but post its Marketing Head becoming part of a TV show as an investor, more and more people have started to know about Boat. Hence, it may be a good time for the company to come with its IPO. It is a profitable company and has reported profits in the last three financial years. They may come with IPO in August with an issue size of Rs 1100 crore, given the favorable market conditions and investors looking forward to investing in a profitable company.

Bajaj Energy IPO: The company holds several years of experience in running, building, and financing power generation facilities in India. Bajaj Energy's main business is to develop, finance, and operate thermal power plans. With decades of experience in running a successful business, the company plans to raise around Rs 5,000 crore through its IPO. As per reports, it will have both fresh issues and offer for sale. They plan to add conventional power generation capacity to business in the next few years.

VLCC Healthcare IPO: As per reports, the company had plans to launch its IPO mid-year, so investors can expect a VLCC healthcare IPO in August. The company operates in beauty and wellness clinics and skill development institutes for beauty and nutrition. They plan to raise between Rs 850 crore and Rs 900 crore from its IPO. The IPO will have a fresh issue (Rs 300 crore), and the remaining will be Offer for sale.

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