Adani Group Stocks: Whose Revenue Grew the Most in the Last 5 Years?

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Adani Group Stocks: Whose Revenue Grew the Most in the Last 5 Years?

Adani Group Stocks: An Overview

In 2022, Adani stocks appear to be the leading figure in the stock markets. Adani group stocks, such as Adani Power Ltd., have increased by around 187% during the past year (as of May 4, 2022). Additionally, in the last year, Adani Green Energy Ltd. has increased by 162%. Adani Wilmar Ltd., a joint venture between Adani Enterprises Ltd. and Wilmar International Ltd., is another well-known Adani stock whose stock price has increased by 170%.

Adani Group Stocks: All About Them

In the last year, almost all Adani stocks have provided excellent gains. On May 4, 2022, the stocks of Adani Power Ltd., were available at a share price of Rs 95.70. If you have purchased 1,045 shares of Adani Power Ltd. worth Rs. 1 lakh at that time then, these Adani stocks are currently worth Rs. 3.67 lakhs (share price of Rs 348.90 as of 2nd November 2022). And Adani Power Ltd. is not the only company to receive this kind of return. 

The main factor that has made Gautam Adani the third richest man on the earth today is his holdings in Adani equities. As of November 2022, Gautam Adani has a net worth of USD 125 billion.

In industries like gas, renewable energy, and electricity, among others, the Adani-listed companies are market leaders. In order to dominate the green energy and electricity sectors, it appears as though Gautam Adani is establishing a universe of stocks. More importantly, retail investors like the Adani group firms, not just in the cash market but also in the futures and options market.

The daily volatility list in the stock market always includes Adani equities like Adani Enterprises Ltd. and Adani Ports & SEZ Ltd. Adani stock is loved by both retail and institutional investors. Furthermore, Adani penny stocks are ideal for traders since they are extremely liquid, unstable, and subject to large price volatility. 

Adani Penny Stocks List: What Are They?

The Adani Group is a well-known brand name with operations across several sectors. Retail investors can engage and make investments in the penny stocks of the Adani group equities since they are readily available for a very cheap price.

Due to the high prices at which the majority of Adani equities are often traded on the Indian stock market, institutional investors make up the majority of the company's stockholders. Things are very different when it comes to the penny stocks of the Adani group. 

The stock prices of the Adani penny stocks list are not modified or managed by stock operators, and the information about the firms in the Adani group is accurate. As a result, if you invest in penny stocks of the Adani Group, you won't have to worry about falling victim to a pump-and-dump scam, and your money will be secure compared to other penny stocks on the market.

Adani Group Penny Stocks List: Benefits of Investing in Them

A wise investment for the future

Adani group stocks are stocks of companies with good fundamentals that are traded on Indian stock exchanges. These stocks are far superior to any other company stocks available on the market. These businesses may transform the whole sector because they have stronger leadership, robust financial standing, successful products, and expanding market shares.

Suitable choice for long-term gains

Adani group stocks are one of those company stocks that makes significant development in the market giving you the opportunity to earn excellent long-term gains. Investors can gain huge returns from the share price of the stocks of the Adani group (rising significantly due to rumors regarding new and improved products and other developments).

Appropriate for short-term investors

Retail investors can invest in the Adani penny stocks list and gain a lot from the same. Additionally, investors can purchase a large number of stocks using a little portion of their investment fund thanks to the penny stocks of the Adani group available for a very low price.

Potential for multiple-bagger returns

Retail investors can benefit from the tendency of penny stocks in the Adani group to rise in value quickly to quadruple their investing capital. Many well-known investors of today have benefited from the Adani group penny stocks that are currently available on the stock market for a hefty sum. Retail investors have a greater opportunity to profit from Adani group penny stocks than institutional investors and at a substantially lower risk.

Adani Group Listed Companies

The following is a list of the Adani equities that are currently traded on the Indian stock markets:

NameSubsectorP/E Ratio5Y Historical Revenue Growth (%)Close Price (Rs.)
Adani Green Energy LtdRenewable Energy681.2057.512137.50
Adani Transmission LtdPower Infrastructure310.1034.053308.60
Adani Total Gas LtdGas Distribution777.8722.253637.30
Adani Wilmar LtdFMCG - Foods108.7318.66716.45
Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone LtdPorts37.6314.04833.40
Adani Enterprises LtdCommodities Trading491.4113.523580.70
Adani Power LtdPower Generation26.306.59348.90

(Data as of 2nd November 2022)

Disclaimer: The securities quoted are exemplary and not recommendatory. Past performance is not indicative of future returns

How to Buy Adani Group Shares?

There are two stock markets available in India (BSE and NSE) where you can invest in the shares of the Adani firms. Additionally, you have the choice to purchase Adani stocks directly through their company website or through a third-party platform like

By registering on, you may freely select the company shares (in this example, Adani listed firms) you wish to invest in and buy the number of equities you desire according to your spending limit. The best thing about buying stocks with is that the entire procedure will be simple and hassle-free with no additional documentation required.

To initiate your investment journey with any follow the steps below:

  1. Visit and sign up or create your free Demat account.
  2. Fill in all the important details including phone number, name, email address, etc. You can also utilize your Google account along with your number if you wish to directly sign up on the website.
  3. After you have completed signing up on the website you will need to provide your Aadhar card number, PAN number, and bank account details in order to complete your e-KYC process.

After you have completed the e-KYC process, you can choose the list of stocks available here
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