Axis Multicap Fund NFO: All you need to know!

Axis Multicap Fund NFO

Axis Multicap Fund NFO Highlights:

  • About the Fund: Open-ended mutual fund investing in large, mid, and small-cap stocks.
  • Targeted benchmark: NIFTY500 Multicap 50:25:25 Index
  • Minimum Investment in NFO: Rs 5,000
  • NFO Start and End date: November 26, 2021, to December 10, 2021
  • Fund Manager: Anupam Tiwari

Axis Mutual Fund has launched a new fund offering - Axis Multicap Fund. The fund aims to target the large, mid, as well as small-cap stocks by allocating 25 percent of its net assets across the three market cap buckets, with a limit of equal minimum exposure across every category.

The NFO is expected to raise at least Rs 5,000 crore to ride on the growth of the equities funds industry that has witnessed a big rally since the middle of the last year. By allocating assets across large, mid, and small-cap stocks, the fund house wants to give investors a consistent and safe approach to benefit from the investment across all market capitalizations.

The mid and small-cap stocks are targeted to drive alpha, while the large cap stocks will provide stability even during extreme market volatility. The company has said that the Axis Mutual Fund NFO will benefit from the bottom-up stock selection and focus on the growth potential of individual stocks from a fundamental point of view. The asset allocation will be monitored and managed proactively to find the best opportunity in each market cap bucket.

Axis Multicap Fund will try to:

  • Minimize risks and deliver consistent profits to the investors.
  • Explore the opportunities to capture promising stocks and a balanced allocation of assets across each market cap bucket.
  • Aim to capture the promising ideas, irrespective of the company’s size or life-cycle.

“At Axis AMC, our long-term focus is to not only protect capital but also returns. Keeping this strategy in mind, we have launched the ‘Axis Multicap Fund’. This fund will help our investors package large, mid and small-cap stocks in one single portfolio and steer through volatile market cycles,” says Chandresh Nigam, MD and CEO, Axis AMC. Chandresh Nigam further adds, “Our fundamentals rely on the quality, and it has helped us sail through tough market conditions. I am confident that our market-wide allocation strategy and our philosophy will help us deliver sustainable growth over the long run”.

The fund house further adds to its claim that the new multi-cap fund will strive to capitalize on the potential opportunities throughout the company’s lifecycle, from small to large-cap. With this curated approach, the company aims to achieve a quality-centric portfolio to provide a decent risk-reward ratio to the investors.